Friday, December 28, 2007

goodbye Bangkok

We leave for Krabi + Ko Phi Phi tomorrow. I'm so excited to sit and relax in the sunshine and sand. Hoping to do some rock climbing and take a longboat to some of the smaller islands. And read my book.

Today I booked the last three days of my Thailand trip. Dimitri and I are flying from Bangkok to Chiang Mai next Friday. We are staying at the Eagle House and doing one of their two day eco treks through the jungle and Hilltribes. Eagle house is known to be particularly concerned about being respectful of both the environment and the Hilltribes. Everything I've read about their treks is amazing. Here is what our itinerary states: Day 1. Depart Chiang Mai at 9:30am and drive 20 minutes in the trekking truck to the market town of Maemalai where you will buy fresh provisions for the trek. Drive to Mork Fa Waterfall for swimming/lunch. Drive to Mae Sae and hike one and a half hours to hot springs-have a healthy hot medicinal shower. Hike two hours to a Karen Hilltribe village and overnight there. {Insert: Trekkers overnight in the simple bamboo homes of the Hilltribes. Showers are taken in waterfalls or rivers, your bathroom is the jungle. You will be awoken by the dawn chorus and the sound of the rhythmical beat of the Hilltribe women husking rice.) Day Two. Hike 40 minutes to the elephant camp. Then elephant riding, one and a half hours to the Lahu Hilltribe village. Bamboo rafting two hours to Sobkai Shan village. The trekking car will then pick you up and the journey back to Chiang Mai will take about two hours. Trek is through the Bong Duet National Park. They will provide us with rucksacks, mosquito nets and light sleeping bags. I'm so excited!


tyson said...

need another hiker b.c that seriously sounds like greatness. missing you A

the daily la la said...

holy cow. i want to copy and paste that into a book so when i go to thailand i can do exactly that. im not going anytime soon. but when i do--oh boy you betta believe it sister im hiking, im camping and im riding that damn elephant!