Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catch up, Post #1.

Ok, I am officially in the home stretch of wedding planning and I have to say that it is taking over like a bank robber and a hostage situation. It is all fun and exciting and good stuff, it is just all-consuming. My brain is a constant swarm of "I need to do this, and then this, and then after that I have to do those twelve things." So yeah, no blogging. Which, actually bums me out quite a bit. I miss a lot of the creative things I did B.E. (before engagement). But no complaints here. I actually thought we'd have this bust summer where we would decline out-of-town invitations left and right on account of needing to do a seating chart or design our invitations. But alas, I must say we have had a very enjoyable summer thus far and despite the culmination of planning at the current moment I would not have changed a thing.

Happy Birthday 'Merica: Three-day Fourth of July canoe trip with Lindsay and Matthew paddling along the Willamette River in Oregon. Sunshine, water, Tecate, camping and a whole lot of relaxing in the boat. Amazing trip.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Handmade Life.

I came across a NYtimes article featuring this woman and her incredible hand-knit pieces a year or so ago and was totally mesmerized by her creations but also her unique and beautiful self portraits.

Here she is now talking about her craft and also the way she approaches living life and doing the things you feel drawn to.

(seen on Dull Diamond, my friend Emily's blog featuring her very own spectacular beaded designs)

Stay tuned for a full account of our three-day canoe adventure! Happy Birthday, America!