Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No words.

Today was incredible. May be hard to put into words but I'll do my best. So far Bangkok has put me to the test. Just when I thought I was done with the madness streets, dirty air and chaos and ready for the islands...I have a day like today. We were up early and took a longboat for a two hour peek through the remote canals of the Chao Phraya River. Amazing. Seeing the river "villages" and Thai people out and working or cooking - they wave and smile. Happy as clams in their shacks, some without four walls. Somewhere within the canals the boat driver stopped at an orchid farm. Dad, I took some pictures for you! You can take tips for starting your own orchid farm.

After the longboat we went to see the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho. I loved it..but too many tourists.

From there we wandered. And wandered. And somehow fell upon a gigantic market. I've NEVER seen anything like it. Walking through I thought about taking pictures but nothing could replicate what I was seeing. Starting with flowers. Amazing flowers everwhere and stacks and stacks of them. All around you. Then we moved into the electronics section. Then through the tools and hardware. Then fabric. People everywhere buying goods for their homes...for blocks and blocks. This is where they shop. It was really intense and when we finally hopped into our Tuk Tuk to take us back to our hotel we all chattered in amazement about what we'd just walked through.

Tonight we are heading out for ringside seats to a Thai boxing match. I have absolutely no idea what to expect..but I can't imagine I'll be disappointed.

{Just got yelled at by Tim for spending too much time blogging! Wow, he was like my DAD or something! He practically threatened to put me into a time out. Yikes.}

For the record, this trip has been great in company. Traveling with forty year old men!: one is from Greece and has his doctorate in psychology, another an architect and Tim who is a writer. Its been fun talking about different parts of the globe and I still can't believe how little I know about so many places in our world. We had a long conversation with a fantastic Indian man yesterday. He lives and works here in Bangkok with his wife and family. He had an arranged marriage - Tim asked him if his parents did a good job with the arranging, "Oh yes. Very good." he said. I'm reading the Namesake (finally) and it was interesting hearing about his arranged marriage first-hand. We asked him what he thought of George Bush and he explained he doesn't mind him because people from India typically don't like muslims. ..."they don't see people as brothers. As human to human. They only see non-Muslims" he said. Learning about this part of the world and all of the complications between the different countries is wonderful and hard at the same time. What will come of our war? That's another post...Random ramblings for you!

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janna said...

I absolutely LOVE reading about your trip!! Miss you, you little (bitch)