Monday, November 24, 2008

Red Gold

Last week Tyson, me, Lisa and Lisa's roommate Lisa, attended a screening for the movie Red Gold at the Seattle Art Museum. I loved it! The director was there as well as several of the people included in the story. If you have a minute, click on the link at the bottom and just look at the images. So stunningly beautiful.

The Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska is home to the Kvichak and Nushagak rivers, the two most prolific sockeye salmon run left in the world.

Two mining companies have proposed an open-pit and underground mine at the headwaters of the two rivers. The area is the second largest deposit of copper and gold ever discovered and has an estimated value of more than $300 billion.

Despite promises of a clean project by mining officials, the accident-plagued history of hard rock mining is now a possibility that Alaskan's are facing.

Red Gold gives a voice to the people of Bristol Bay who depend on this extraordinary fishery. The film is more about the place and its people than facts and numbers. Its incredibly beautiful and the imagery is spectacular. I loved this film and am so inspired to pass along its message to all I can reach!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Tyson has learned to knit and has of course already surpassed my own knitting skills. He is on to the Moss Stitch:

Row 1: [K1, p1] rep to end.
Row 2: [K1, p1] rep to end.
Row 3: [P1, k1] rep to end.
Row 4: [P1, k1] rep to end.

When I asked him what he was doing he said, "I'm mossing." I'm a dork, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

America F#@* Yeah! Free Speech and Tailgates.

[Note: The title is actually from a song, Mom and Dad]

Saturday I grabbed coffee and walked over to Volunteer Park to participate in the Anti-Prop 8 rally + march. I met up with Aylin and Steve and as we looked around at the various people gathering, making signs, and nodding their heads to some pretty bad techno, we started chatting a little bit about civil rights and history. I think its really hard for people to realize when they're being judgmental sometimes - myself included. We marveled at a time when people actually had to distinguish which drinking fountain to sip from and which bus to ride based on the color of their skin. And even then people felt like they weren't really discriminating because afterall, "they can still get a drink of water and they can still ride the bus."

That afternoon, Tyson and I biked over to the University of Washington with camouflage High Life six packs in tow. We were meeting up with Rob and Claudia who are truly seasoned tailgaters. I realized when I cruised into the parking lot that I had never really been to a tailgate. Cars packed in like sardines. Fire pits with roaring flames. Burgers flipping and beers flowing. A truly great tradition of fun and anticipation for the game. Rob received a couple of fantastic beer coozies in the form of giant fists for his birthday. Oh America. Only, only in America.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I can't really tell if she is having a great time...

Can you?

I mean, I don't know. ...Can you?

Kes and Marty

I returned to Seattle last weekend exhausted from the whirlwind 36 hour Chicago adventure that was Kesney and Marty's wedding. Friday I had a layover in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport and therefore had the wonderful opportunity to meet Kridi and Crow for coffee. Such a small pleasure and yet, significant for me. Crow's Will was in costume and Kridi brought candy-made buck teeth for everyone to wear and eat.

I walked into Francesca's in the Little Italy neighborhood and the rehearsal dinner was well on its way - dinner had been served and eaten and everyone was mingling around and chatting with cocktail in hand. I left my suitcase at the door and spotted Kesney across the room talking to my parents. When I tapped her on the shoulder she turned around with a huge smile, hugged me and started cying. Which made me cry! "The party can finally start." She said.

That night Kesney and Marty and a lot of their friends headed out on the town. It was so nice to see the bride so relaxed and without a care in the world about how late she stayed up, what she ate or how the following day would play out. Kesney was beaming. She was so relaxed. So sure. So impatient! They are an incredible pair and they found each other. And I'm so happy.

The day of the wedding I woke up and spent the morning with coffee and chatter between Kes, Marty, Jora, Kim and myself. Just great. Jora and Kim and I headed out for breakfast and afterward my parents picked me up for some sight-seeing. We drove through the city a bit and I was really excited about the vibe Chicago has. Its so big with so much to offer and then that giant body of water that is Lake Michigan really tops it off as being a sweet city. We ended up heading over to the Shedd Aquarium and I was totally blown away. That place rocks! I wish I had pictures to prove it but alas, I believe it is the place that swallowed my camera.

After some relaxation, I put my party dress on and started to get excited. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. The ceremony didn't start until 7pm so the church was dim and well-lit. Kesney fought back tears as dad walked her down the isle and when she joined Marty at the altar I felt my stomach flip because I was just so damn excited!

Keeping it short, I'll just say the dancing displayed at the reception was some quality stuff! My parents, of course, hit the dance floor and pretty much never left. Marty's nephew was break-dancing and I couldn't get enough. At one point we were teaching my mother the words to "Gin and Juice" and as she mouthed "...with my mind on my money and my money on my mind" I knew we had hit a new level.

I had a blast. Maybe a little too much fun as Sunday was rough. But I made it to the airport and headed West.

Congrats, Marty & Kes. You two are a wonderful pair. I can't wait to watch you together for the next 50+ years!

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Franzen coming soon!

11/11, 6:00am Central Timezone = My brother's wife will be having their second baby!

Of course they irritatingly didn't find out the sex so I'm dying to know. Hurry up and tell me.

I can't wait for Christmas holiday and a 6 week-old new person to meet!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

While the pumpkin baked.

Coffee shop down the street:

One small caramel latte.
One small vanilla latte with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

A cribbage board.

Good music and little candles burning.

Good times with Tyson.

Friday, November 7, 2008

okay people, time to use your imaginations

SO, its not for a lack of events. Hell, in the last week we've elected a new (awesome) President! Unfortunately, in a whirlwind of giant spider-like crabs and eels at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, I've somehow misplaced my camera. And this happened to take place JUST before the event of Kesney's fantastic wedding. Sadness. I do have photos taken by Jora and will post very soon. I've just been mourning the loss of my camera, ordering a new one...oh and celebrating our new President! Obama!

Monday night Tyson and I were invited to a concert at the Showbox. Tom Morello, the intensely political guitarist from Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, was playing in his now solo project called Nightwatchman.

One reviewer wrote:
The Nightwatchman is not for mass appeal: The songs are written to rally people on picket lines and at protests. "One criticism that could credibly be leveled against the record is that it's preaching to the converted," Morello said before the show. "Well, the converted need a kick. Those of us that know better are not doing enough. Aside from [Rep. Dennis] Kucinich, and he's still several shades to the right of me, I don't think anybody has courageously stepped up and said what needs to be said. We have a war criminal sitting in the White House. That's not hyperbole."

At one point he invited any and all veterens in the audience to join him on-stage and he ended the show with a guitar laden, hip-hop-style version of "This Land Is Your Land". Everyone was jumping and singing! Yep, the night before the election. Good stuff.

Tuesday night we headed over to Aylin and Stevie's for a little left-of-center celebration as Barack Obama was elected President. I even called my Grandma who was of course still awake and eagerly waiting for the results. The room cheered into the phone for my Grandma! She is such and inspiration and a bright light in my life! Great food and champagne, and many cheers of joy as John McCain gave his incredible concession speech. I was moved to a few tears.

A former campaign manager for John McCain said it best when he explained that HE truly felt John McCain would've been a great President for this country. That he made a few mistakes along the campaign trail and his choice in a Vice President and his lack of a clear message cost him the election. But everyone in this country, no matter what side you were on, should be incredibly proud of the fact that we have made history in electing an African American to be President of the United States. And even he felt that Barack is a man with great integrity and will be a good President. I agree.

Stay tuned for all things sans camera.