Sunday, December 16, 2007

first day riding

Lisa and I headed up to Steven's Pass on Saturday for some snowboarding. We've got two big ski/snowboard trips planned for this winter - Whistler and Aspen - and I was excited to get out and make sure I still had some skillz.

We elected to take the MINI and I felt totally confident in MINI's abilities to make the drive..until we reached the mountain and the snow was coming down hard. Lots of people were pulling over to throw their chains on. We had no chains. White knucked I reached the entrance to Steven's Pass where many cars were sliding around the road and passengers were getting out and helping push. The MINI just scooted around all of them until safely parking in a little snow-covered spot. Lisa started calling her the Small Wonder in reference to the 80's show where Vicki is a robot. Good job, Vic!

It snowed the entire time we were snowboarding. Any falls were nothing short of landing in what I can only imagine falling into a cloud is like. Powder. It was so beautiful and so so fun. After several runs we met up with Lisa's friend Graham and headed in for a few winter beers. This made for some less than sober boarding for the rest of the day and we managed to have a totally superb time.

Can't wait for Whistler in January!


the daily la la said...

we crushed it.
Vic is a sweetheart--im sure she's up for another adventure real soon!

tyson said...

Bring on Whistler and my baby! together at last. will miss you while your soakin the Thailand rays of funshine.

hales02 said...

totally jealous. you guys look like you had a stellar time. MN blows! j/k all the way. miss you.