Sunday, December 2, 2007

Urban Craft Uprising:

Had I not been miserably sick and laying on the couch for most of Thursday, only to rise and have my wisdom teeth removed on Friday (again, laying on the couch all day) I don't think I would've been as inclined to venture out Saturday morning to the Urban Craft Uprising. My sore and swollen mouth couldn't keep me down! I needed to break free from my sweatpants and television remote.

So many stylishly-dressed people turned out for the event including almost as many men as women. To see so many handmade wares and sweet designs was inspiring and hard on the pocket book.

A few good suggestions:
red boots design
fort cloudy
and a site that doesn't really help show how cool they are:
carmacazzi (their Gasworks design is especially sweet!)

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Katy said...

did you show your chirping line??! that would be sweet. you should post about what is happening with that. i just love those lil crafty sweatsuits. luv ya! kt