Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lisa turns 26.

As a friend pointed out, Wikipedia stores ample amounts of information related to numbers:

Twenty-six is a composite number, its proper divisors being 1, 2, and 13.
The number of World Series Championships won by the New York Yankees through 2006.
The car number of Will Ferrell's title character in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. In real life, however, this is Jamie McMurray's car number.
The number of words sent in 43.24 seconds by Kimberly Yeo of Singapore to set the Guiness Book of World Records record for fastest text message

Lisa's birthday was last week. She had just returned from a six week trip to Peru and we celebrated in style.

Friday, May 18, 2007

bess and books

Bess and I attended two author's readings this week: Jhumpa Lahiri, author of the 2000 Pulitzer Prize winning collection of short stories, Interpretation of Maladies as well as the more recent novel, The Namesake. And Barbara Kingsolver who is author to many well-known works but was focusing on her latest book titled, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

Jhumpa Lahiri was great and though I haven't read either of her books, I've heard nothing but wonderful things about her writing + my great friend, Suz, who lives in NYC, sent me The Namesake as a gift and I'm dying to read it.

Barbara Kingsolver was really, really incredible to see. She is smart, witty, insightful and overall completely entertaining. I hadn't read her latest book but had heard bits and pieces of the premise in which Kingsolver recounts a year spent eating home-grown food and, if not that, local. What a wonderful idea! And a lot of hard work and learning. In the end she talked about the lessons her family learned in looking at consumption and food not as, "What do I feel like?" but rather, "What do we have? What is in abundance?"

Having grown up on a farm I have at times felt less cultured, behind the times and even out of place. Listening to Kingsolver I began to realize how fortunate I was to grow up in a world where my food came from our fields, our animals, our neighbors. Often times my mother would stop at a roadside stand to pick up corn-on-the-cob and vegetables ultimately helping some local farmer and giving us a most delicious dinner in the process. It feels so good to appreciate that and to be proud of where I'm from. I couldn't wait to move into the city and now I find myself wanting those same simplistic food principals when I choose many of the foods I do now. I'll end with an insightful passage from her book that changed the way I thought about big city and small town.

"Consider how Americans might respond to a proposal that agriculture was to become a mandatory subject in all schools, alongside reading and mathematics. A fair number of parents would get hot under the collar to see their kids' attention being pulled away from the essentials of grammar, the all-important trigonometry, to make room for down-on-the-farm stuff. The baby boom psyche embraces a powerful presumption that education is key to moving away from manual labor, and dirt - two undeniable ingredients of farming. It's good enough for us that somebody, somewhere, knows food production well enough to serve the rest of us with all we need to eat, each day of our lives.
If that's true, why isn't it good enough for someone else to know multiplication and the contents of the Bill of Rights? Is the story of bread, tilled from the ground to our table, less relevant to our lives than the history of the thirteen colonies?"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

golf league

The best organizer this side of the Mississippi, Britt Peterson, has started a golf league. We get together every other Wednesday and this time we golfed the lovely Interbay par 3. Being that I grew up with a best friend who lived on and owned a golf course one would imagine I'd have SOME skill. Nope. I was awful. Because I'm so competitive this would normally prove to be an angry experience for me, but I think the Miller Light helped. Bess and I are signing up for Tennis lessons next month and I can only hope to be a better tennis player. Tennis is a lifelong sport and one I feel I could be slightly better at than golf being I am a ping pong champion. We'll see. I suppose if all else fails, I could bring the Miller Light to the courts too.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mitch at 80.

This post is in honor of my friend Mitch. She is hilarious and so great in every way. I saw this woman while I was at the post office last week and I nearly died laughing. Mitch would've probably made friends with her and come up with ten scenarios involving her. I politely asked if I could take a picture of the woman and all her patriotism. She happily agreed and felt like a star when I showed her the immediate results on my digital camera screen. I think my favorite part is the fan on her hat. What a happy, fantastic woman!

bench update.

The first coat of stain. I'm not crazy about how its coming out, but I'm trying to be patient.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

organic on my doorstep

I received my first delivery from Pioneer Organics today! They deliver organic, locally-grown produce right to your door. My first order included: a pear, some broccoli, snap peas, bananas, green onions, Shiitake mushrooms, an artichoke and some salad mix. How fun! Now I need to come up with creative ways to use all of my produce. Hello cookbooks. Let me know if you have any great recipes using the above mentioned items!


I went running after work last night...and Mt. Rainier looked absolutely incredible! It was so clear and I was totally blown away. I also ran into my good friend Jake from work who invited me to sushi. Beautiful run, stunning mountain and the unbelieveable sushi. Great night!


I moved last weekend (reason for week of zero posting). I'm finally all settled and feeling pretty good in the new place. Its not as gigantic and fancy as my old apt. but its got an amazing - Frasier - view and a great little deck.

I realized as I was packing yet again, how much STUFF I have. I mean, in theory its all things 'i need'. But after packing, hauling, unpacking, and putting away one starts to wonder: do I really need water glasses, wine glasses, martini glasses, low-ball glasses...really? Its really fun to have all the right equipment for a party but its a bit excessive. $.02 for the day.