Monday, June 29, 2009


I feel like something really bad is going to happen to me. Its like the weather in Seattle has been buttering me up for something really dire. I simply cannot believe the weather this spring. I know people talk a lot about weather and its usually a vehicle to fill space but MAN! This is truly incredible.

Tyson and I just got back from a three day kayak/camp trip in the San Juan islands. We had a blast! And great to come soon.

Oh college.

This is a toast to my ladies from freshman year at CSB. The good ole days of Boone's Farm!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Solstice celebration!

On Saturday, the streets of Fremont filled with hippies and common folk alike. The distinct smell of a different kind of smoke filled the air. I had been sipping mimosas by 10am and was pumped to see the parade I'd heard so much about over the years.

So lots of people were naked. Just riding along on their bikes. Or, some of them, just walking along. I'm not sure how Fremont seems to bypass the ole naked people laws, but I think it has something to do with the fact that the tradition is to be naked, but painted. And of course there were a few who must not have felt the need for paint - usually ones who NEEDED the paint. But alas it was a great time! The spirit of freedom and glee was contagious and I felt my soul get a little lighter watching people dance and laugh and celebrate - the Solstice!

I think a group of us are going to ride in the parade next year. Its going to be all about the garbage bag cover up before the moment of riding glory!

Parents cover the kiddies' eyes! And yep, its all paint.

The parade wasn't JUST the bikers though. Floats of dancers and music and drum corps all walking along waving and having the breast, er I mean, best time. Tee hee. Pun intended.

Happy Solstice, everyone.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Solstice buddies.

Saturday morning Tyson and I set off on our bikes en route to the Fremont neighborhood. It was the Summer Solstice celebration + parade. For three summers I've only heard great things about Solstice - i.e. NAKED BIKERS - and for whatever reason, never seemed to be in town to actually participate. Many of my friends live in Fremont and therefore it was a day filled with parties, bbq's and bike riding - starting at 10am.

Lisa pretending she likes volleyball:
(Great form!)

Stopped by a bar and sipped a Hefeweizen with Angie, Teresa and Wendy + Lisa and all her pals.

Janna in the beer garden:

The final destination: a BBQ hosted by Rob's sister, Tisha. Duel purposed, we were also gathering to do a bit of group planning for this years' second annual Beer Olympics at Rob's parents cabin. In keeping with Rob and Claude's always solid organization, Rob actually brought out an easel and enlisted the group to provide details on what went Well last year, and what could be Improved:

Then we all just hung out. Ate grilled delights. Cracked a few beers. Played lawn games. Laughed. Overall a really great day.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


We met in the heartland, and now Doreen and I live across the country from one another. She is moving to a different apartment in New York and here's a little snippet from her mental stream of consciousness. Oh how I love when people make me laugh. Joy for the soul!

"We move in this Saturday. I'm one of those wierdos that actually
finds joy in moving. Some people shoot meth. I am chemically unable
to experience joy w/out rearranging furniture. But here it's an
entirely different story. A Home Depot run in Manhattan versus one
anywhere else in the world ... suicidal. I've been packing one box
at a time. Why? Because I wait for garbage day and steal them off
the sidewalk. I've been known to walk up to a mile for some decent
box and I also know that tonight at precisely 9pm ... Barnes & Noble
will put their empty boxes out back where I will snatch them under
the cloak of darkness. Yes. This is my life.

My meltdown is brewing but I'm trying to hold it together. Call me
call me call me. I'm going to get an endorphin boost at the gym.

Love you! Doe"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wow. Humans amaze me.

Get through the television spot at the beginning to find the glory of how funny this video is. So much anger, so little time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Live a little.

Secrets to making to 100, and doing it the way you want.

Puff cigars and drink whiskey:

Jack Priestly from the UK had smoked over 153,000 cigars and more than 700,000 cigarettes by the time he hit 100. He still smokes 10 cigars a day!! Jack secret is whiskey. He's been taking a shot of whiskey before breakfast for 76 years. “A shot of whisky before I shower or have breakfast is the best advice anyone ever gave me.”

Seek adventure:

Peggy Alpine celebrated her 100th birthday by paragliding. “It was the most wonderful, pleasant experience and I'm ready to do it again anytime.” She credits her long life to “excitement.” It keeps her young.


At 90, Alec Holden placed a 100 pound bet that he would make it to 100. Well, he did, and won 25,000 pounds. “You must have porridge for breakfast, that's essential. You don't worry about anything and do as little work as possible. You go on as many holidays as you can.”

Smoke cigarettes if you're into that:

Winnie Langley had been smoking since she was 7 years old. “I have smoked ever since infant school and I have never thought about quitting.” She lit up with the help of her birthday cake candles.


Molley Reeves enjoyed her 100th with boxing. “I feel a bit achy afterwards but I really do enjoy it. It’s a giggle.”


Emily Law celebrated her 100th with the conga! Her daughter said, “Mum’s had a colourful life and always liked dancing. She still comes to the pub with me. I think she’s a partygirl at heart.”

Thursday, June 18, 2009



At one point I wrote about the stirring. Well, its happening again. And isn't it interesting that its happening almost exactly to the day of the original stirring. Only this time I'm starting to let the crazy take over. That whole side of me where my stomach gets nervous and I have anxiety some of the time but other larger parts of time I am really excited. A nervous excitement. About what is next!

Without going into too much detail, I'll just say I'm looking into temporary international work visas. And sublet options.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lack there of..

Well, another camera bites the dust. Its amazing. The very first Canon I ever had was indestructible. I mean, I threw that baby right into the pocket of my snowboarding pants sans any kind of camera case and never batted an eye about the possibility of it actually breaking. I'm not sure it ever did. I may have lost it. In any case, the THREE cameras I've had since have had issue after issue. And now, I have issues. Alas a granule of sand (I believe) found its way into the lens of the current camera on a beach camping trip two weekends ago. An amazing time. The photos locked on my memory card until I solve this little mess.

I've been keeping fairly busy. All of which is undocumented. I have to say, a little freeing. And a little bit more in the moment of activities. But still, a teeny nag there in the back of my mind as I'll soon start itching to snap little moments of larger experiences.

Undocumented so far I've found myself <<<<<

Playing multiple rounds Buck Hunter and pinball at Shorty's.
Digging for weeds, shoveling compost and hauling for the Seattle Farm Company with Aylin and Tyson last weekend.
A day biking to Seward Park and Elliot Bay Bookstore
The purchase of a Lanikai Baritone Ukulele and a chord book - wish me luck
Running. lots of running. ...still trying to decide and commit to running the Portland Marathon
And day after day of sunshine and gloriously 70s temperatures that I'm certain must come to an end soon lest I happen to live in the perfect weather city in America. Oh the pressure.

AND! And, I am finally after nearly four years living in Seattle, attending the Soltice celebration in the Fremont neighborhood this weekend. This celebration entails a parade including painted naked people riding on bikes. I need a camera.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Miss him...

Can't wait to be home for the 4th. Sweet pink bike!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Parents in town: Good stuff.

My parents were in town for eight days and left on a plane bound for MN last night. Such a mix of emotions as I was looking forward to being back in my own space, but sadness when I walked in the door and everything was clean and quiet. A little deflated, I sort of missed the remnants from my mom's purse of goodies lying everywhere, the sound of buzzing about the apartment either watching television or working on some project, and prospect that there were no more plans. Plans with friends, Tyson or peninsula adventures. It was over! The vacation had come and was now gone.

I had a really good time with my mom and pop and I was happy to share the experience of my life here with them. Happy to have them meet my friends and spend time with Tyson. To drive and hike around, seeing the beautiful parts of WA and the reasons I am drawn and continue to live here. I'm ecstatic they were able to make the trip, and grateful for the time we were able to spend together!

Some of my favorite memories:
Tyson and I sitting up for hours with my parents playing cards and tipping a few back.
Walking through the Rain Forest.
Watching my dad talk to Tyson.
Shopping with my mom at Trader Joe's.
Seeing my dad snuggle with my mom.
Just living in the everyday, basic parts of life - breakfasts and chatter and my dad's cold.

And here, a few captured moments:

Sitting on the roof for hours while the sun set and chatting.

So many games of cribbage!

A night out in Port Townsend.

A hike through the Hoh Rainforest.

And a possible dream idea hatched for "someday".

I miss you, Mom and Dad! Thanks for making the trip! I love you.

Parents in town: Trees

Can you find Tyson and I on this crazy massive tree!?

Parents in town: Water