Sunday, April 26, 2009

oh boy...

For some reason this video brings joy to my soul. I'm not even really a cat person and if asked to choose I would say Dog over Cat every single day, but this video just made me laugh. And it feels so good to laugh, doesn't it?

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've recently become obsessed with a blog that always posts the cutest "smitten" images. And because I'm completely cheesy and love all things having to do with butterflies, flirting, and probably more affection than one knows what to do with, I love all of these images.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


When its 60 degrees and you're applying sunscreen before you've even hit the mountain, indications are clear that its going to be a superb day.

Then when you hop into the long line to purchase a lift ticket and some jolly fellow approaches you out of nowhere and says, "Have a great day." and at the same time hands you a complimentary all-day lift ticket, indications are clear that the day just got even better. And I hugged him.

Sunday was closing day at Steven's Pass. I hadn't been snowboarding since January. Since before the unfortunate ankle incident. I had the best day. Sunny and warm. People dressed in all kinds of crazy shit. An overall attitude of lightness and fun just cruising down the runs. And Tyson in 80's wear! Sweet sweater...

Lift lines were somewhat non-existent and I think the closing day festivities such as the "pond skim" - where people charge down the hill in hopes of skimming across the water unscathed - were keeping people off the slopes and in the bar.

Sipping our closing day beers

spring camping

Usually when the MINI is filled to brim such as this, it means good times are ahead.

One of the things I like best about Tyson and I is our flexible and whimsical decision-making. I also think we're similar in that he and I can pretty much have fun doing just about anything. This combination can make for mini adventures at any given moment and last week we decided on Wednesday to head out of town for the weekend on a camping trip/hiking trip/closing day snowboarding at Steven's Pass trip. I think the conversation went something like, "That sounds fun." Followed by a "Yeah, let's just do it." "Done."

This didn't lend itself to careful consideration or organization however, and when we put my car in drive we left behind a cutting board, a pot or pan of any kind for cooking, Tyson's gaiters and nearly his sleeping bag too. Whoopsie.

We hit the road at 6:30am Saturday morning. The goal was to hike to Surprise Lake in the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest but, unfortunately, due to a late spring and too much snow, we didn't find the trailhead and decided to take our "own route". Yeah well, we hiked in and around for about 3 hours in the snow and eventually decided to turn around. And ironically, when we arrived back at the car we ran right into the trailhead!

None of the campgrounds were open yet, but we found a nice little spot about seven miles off of Hwy 2 and set up our tent. Then it was gardenburgers (cooked in a pie tin we picked up along the way), PBR and some good tunes. And for some reason - and NO, not because of illegal substance - everything was hilarious.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I don't remember "denim" being a color choice.

The secular side of Easter calls for all things pale and also bunnies, candy, hunts involving all aforementioned things and of course the dying of the eggs.

Tyson and I joined forces with his sister and her husband last Saturday to color 14 eggs. The PAAS egg coloring kit contained NINE color tablets to mix in a glass with vinegar for a "Ultra Vibrant colored eggs". I don't ever remember having so many choices and I certainly don't remember "Denim" among the traditional red, orange and yellow. It's 2009 though, and denim was my favorite.

At one point I think Tracy - gasp! - made the claim that it wasn't possible to create a Rainbow egg. Scott loves to prove people wrong. And he did.

Tyson was really into the dipping tool and couldn't believe there was only one tool per box of egg-coloring materials. He remembered saving the tools from year-to-year when he was a kid in an effort to collect enough tools for all to use. Oh Tyson. Isn't he cute?

Monday, April 13, 2009

the smell of sawdust.

I've been yapping on and on and on and on about house projects over the last few months. Oh those projects, they're so easy to dream up. Easy to go out and buy all of the materials. Not so easy to actually follow-through and finish.

I've ordered tile...I've had someone measure for a new door...I've picked out grout colors...I bought a giant sponge. -All in preparation for various projects. But last week I actually finished something: Shelving.

Having stacks of books on my floor for over a year I was eager to buy/install some sort of shelving. I shopped and looked through magazines for ideas but never really found anything I liked for the intended space. Eventually I popped into Restore and found some 3.5"-thick timbers, and after my first experience with a belt sander they looked amazing! Last Thursday night Tyson helped me mount the brackets and the shelves are up! Glorious.

Finding studs. I even have a stud-finder. Notice the hole that says "no".

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sring flowers.

Last weekend the weather was hard to beat. Sunny. 70 degrees. It reminded me of what it felt like in MN on the first day you didn't have to wear a coat. Bare skin exposed to fresh air and yet, the sun feels so warm on your arms and legs. A novelty after months of scarves and socks.

My deck hadn't been used in months and wasn't really in a place where a person could, or would ever want to, relax and sit in the sunshine - dirty and cluttered from months of winter neglect. In an effort to be productive in the sunshine, I went out and picked up several herbs and flowers and spent the morning planting. I scrubbed. I dusted. And when everything was clean and the furniture back neatly in its place I sat. I sat in the sunshine and enjoyed my teeny outdoor space. But with new flowers and herbs!

I spent the afternoon playing:
Checking out the beautiful, white peaks of the Olympic Mountains from the rooftop deck.

I met up with Tyson and we pedaled from Capitol Hill, through Fremont - stopping off for a beer on the deck at Canal Street - all the way over to Golden Gardens for a little bit of the sunset.

Hurry up, Summer. I'm anxiously waiting for more Sundays spent in a similar fashion.

Monday, April 6, 2009

celebrate good times.

A couple years ago I was having lively conversation with a guy who lived in Aspen. Lively flirting and that's about it. Two years later, and we are still having lively, flirtatious conversations.

Reflecting back on the past two years, I am nothing short of happy for all the experiences we've shared. We have done some amazing things! And learned so much about each other. We laugh. Oh my! We laugh every single day. Usually about things no one else would ever laugh at. We've had some difficult times and found a way to power through which isn't always fun, but usually makes us grow. And Tyson has turned out to be someone I hold so close to my heart. I feel very lucky to have met him on that crazy girls' weekend in Aspen.

We made plans to celebrate our anniversary last week, and it just so happened that Tyson was also offered a position as a Wilderness and Trails Ranger on the Olympic Peninsula. I am so proud of Tyson! - and I'm thrilled he's going to have the chance to live in the forest and do something he loves all summer. Multiple reasons to paint the town.

We popped into Happy Hour at Barrio. Tacos, margaritas and made-to-order guacamole.

Then it was off to clowns everywhere and hipster-filled Shorty's for some PBR, Buck Hunter and multiple rounds of pinball. We were two FREE games in when we finally realized No, its not just "the best day ever" and that actually, it was customer appreciation night = pinball was free All Night Long. Tiny celebration dance. The PBRs were flowing at $1.25 apiece and two Shorty's mugs MAY have landed in my purse to come home with us.

We had so much fun and I think we were really able to sit back, let out a long sigh and relax after a week of stressful wondering about what was in store for us this summer: With an outstanding offer to Ranger in Colorado, was Tyson going to spend the summer as a ranger in Colorado, or Washington?

And the call came in, Washington it is. Congrats, baby. Cheers to your summer in the woods.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Teanaway Cabin :: Day One.

Merry Christmas to Us. We booked this cabin several months back as a Christmas present to each other. A weekend in the mountains with little more than the packs on our backs, a wood stove and a gas cooking stove.

We hiked in on Friday to find this little gem made of logs. One room. A small table with a few chairs. No electricity. A resident mouse who munched on our chocolate unbeknownst to us in the middle of the night. Cribbage. Boxed wine "equivalent to four bottles". And you'd be surprised at the deliciousness that were our meals: Grilled Pepperjack cheese sandwiches and soup. Eggs with sausage and mini bagels. Steak and potatoes. Fruit. And of course, mini chocolate wax donuts that have become a staple - or more, a tradition - for any out of town adventure. And not a six-pack. A whole box.

A sled. And an inner tube that would need to be pumped up upon arrival.

And stars. So many stars. We laid on our backs in the snow around midnight on Friday night. Stars as far as the eye could see.

Teanaway Cabin :: Two.

Being in the middle of nowhere devoid of anything communicable, one might think the only thing to do is relax. Yes, this is one approach and something Tyson and I certainly did throughout the weekend. But somehow there's also tons of things to do and see and learn. One of which, for me, was splitting wood! Well, or attempting to split wood. Tyson was a good teacher - that wasn't the problem. And if only I felt okay about sharing the video footage of how pathetic I was, you'd be able to understand why only Tyson will split the wood going forward.

Yum: Steak, onions and potatoes.

And we were off! With the Swiss Bobsled strapped to Tyson's back, we slapped on our snowshoes and headed up the mountain to the ridge top. Most of the hike was pretty steep and I was happy when we reached the top in a little over an hour.

From there we could see for miles and miles. We sat around in the sunshine and walked along the ridge sledding on anything we could that wouldn't kill us. Eventually when it was time to head back down, we sat down on our bums and let gravity take us to the bottom.