Thursday, December 20, 2007

i made it!

What up from Thailand! Yep, I made it and am fed, coffee'd and sitting for a bit of connecting before Dimitri arrives from Greece. Its amazing how we can just find our way. From getting around the Tokyo airport to navigating Bangkok's crazy streets and taxi's, I landed on the steps of my tiny hotel last night at 2am. Thankfully I had stowed two small bottles of wine from the flight to relax and read with before going to sleep. Thank you JAL airlines...who by the way, rock.

The flight from Seattle to Narita in Tokyo was so absolutely great. I started reading Into the Wild (love, love, love so far) and literally 40 or some odd pages into it I decided to take a peek out the window - we were flying over Alaska! No shit! AND random side story: I was chatting with a fellow traveler from Canada (Walen) who also brought Into the Wild for his journey AND he started telling me that while he was reading he looked out his plane window and happened to be flying over Alaska. Yikes! Same story. Anyway, I also read the paper, about the history and customs of Thailand, Dwell and an US weekly magazine and finally threw on the headphones for music. Not to be cheesy, but it was like those times in movies where poignant music plays in the background as scenes slowly pass by - no dialogue. As I listened to Dave Mathews and Feist I watched the clouds roll by and my excitement was filling my whole body and spilling out in smiles and small, quiet seat dances. Thailand!

Okay, well I'm off to hopefully do some shopping at Siam Square and then back to the hotel to chill in a hammock and wait for Dimitri. Vacation.


janna said...

SO glad you made it safely! Have so much fun! love you!

suzie said...

Yay! Enjoy every minute.. keep the updates coming!

hales02 said...

Love the quiet seat dances! Kepp dancing, love. Can't wait to hear more. Olives.

the daily la la said...

seeing you on the plane with the wine..makes me want to be there too...on any plane, going anywhere, just leaving seattle next week for Idaho seems "thrilling" have so much fun!!! I keep seeing things with stickers that say "made in thailand" and can't help but wonder what I'll get for my little $5 bills....YOU ROCK!