Monday, December 24, 2007

not in "Kansas" anymore

Dimitri and I checked into our new fancy hotel yesterday and relaxed in waiting for Tim and Steve. When we entered the new hotel our eyes were big and round like saucers. Our time at the Atlanta with its sparse rooms and cheap fare was so great. All a person wants and even more than a person in a third world country could ever need. This hotel has 10-12 restaunrants and bars inside and a beautiful gym and spa. Our room alone has two bathrooms, three balconies, a dining room that seats 10, a living room + office, and two flatscreen TVs. Staying here makes our visit seem a bit less like Thailand. I sound negative and I definitely don't mean to be. I'm having an amazing time! I was just surprised at the difference and also at my reaction to that difference. We stayed up late talking and catching up. Let the rest of the trip begin!

Today we took a riverboat taxi upstream to visit some of Bangkok's Wats - or temples/a Buddhist sacred precinct with monks' quarters. We went to one small and less visited Wat and also to the Grand Temple. They are so beautiful! Buddhist monks were walking around in the traditional orange robes and my curiosity was overwhelming. At one point people were gathered, kneeling and chanting.

More yummy food.

Then hour-long Thai foot massages! The massages are so intense and walk a fine line between amazing and painful.

Will try to post some pictures soon. I have taken so many now it may be hard to sift through.

We'll be spending many days here in Bangkok and though there is so much to see I've also been reading about different parts of Thailand. I wish there was a way to also go North and spend some time in the tribal villages. Maybe next time.

Merry Christmas to everyone! {hugs} to you and genuine internet love from me.


tyson said...

Merry Christmas! love and miss you A

deb&greg said...

Merry Christmas! Mom & Dad We are having fun following your trip,keep it up. Have a great day.

janna said...

Merry Christmas Andrea! I miss you and LOVE hearing all about your adventure! so jealous! ;)

hales02 said...

Andis - MERRY CHRISTMAS! Your trip sounds amazing and I wish I could be there for Pad Thai & vino. Me gusta you! We had a lovely WHITE christmas - I thought of you. Save the elephants! =)

deb&greg said...

Andrea - Thank You for all of your gifts,each was better then the last. You truly are my most favorite daughter!!! Hope you are all having a premo trip. Say Hi and give everyone a hug for me. Love Mom