Friday, July 31, 2009


I like to click through real-estate slide-shows on The use of color in this apartment I found today is so deluxe and happy.

See the whole three-bedroom apartment here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I don't get it.

So the Blue Angels are flying in Seattle today. And, I feel like I'm someone who is turning towards the sky watching them, while people around me take pictures on their camera phones and clamor in excitement, and I'm totally lost on the appeal. I simply don't get it.

I remember a former partner of mine was totally into them and I would pretend, running to the window, to think they were cool all because I thought maybe there was something I was missing. Did I not see what they just did? Was there a secret surprise that I happened to turn my head and not experience?

Well folks, I'm giving up on the dream of thinking the Blue Angels are cool. I realize that what they do isn't easy and the "power and speed" described to me by a co-worker is "amazing", but I'm going to sit this one out. And I feel okay about it.

I mean, I don't feel as strongly as this person:

The Annual Blue Angels Gripefest

Posted by Brendan Kiley on Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 11:23 AM

Every year, Slog wonders why God took away the Sonics but left us the Blue Angels—and we remember this sign, made by the sweet little children of Capitol Hill:


Kids say the darndest things.

Um, and they use a lot of fuel.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Not melting.

Heat wave in Seattle breeds any attempt at staying cool including the following activities:
Paddle boarding.

Beer and fish tacos.

Sitting around in bathing suits.

This week is supposed to be even hotter and sunnier and more glorious. Bust out the Popsicles.

ages ago.

My camera broke on this very trip. We were camping on Second Beach near Forks,WA and I attempted to snap a picture of a bald eagle perched in a tree. To me, bald eagles have an eerie quality about them. And I'm convinced, somehow, this particular one did not want its picture taken and therefore sabotaged my camera. The second I heard the shutter it quit working and I'd been without a camera for over a month until Canon shipped it back to me last week. All bald eagle sightings going forward will have to live on in my memory.

In any case, here are some photos of our trip back in 'Nam, or rather, June.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I hadn't seen my friend Neil in nearly 3 years and through the miracle that is Facebook he reached out to say hello last week. Turns out he was living on a houseboat on Lake Union and wanted to extend an invitation for paddling and grilling. Um, great. Last Friday Caitlin and I saddled up and biked over with PBR and chups in hand. I say "chups" because people from New Zealand pronounce "chips" like "chups" and its all fun and hilarious. And ironically not only is Caitlin moving to New Zealand in late August, but so too is Neil moving there as early as October. Dare I say, crazy.

We sipped some brews and Neil taught us how to stand-up paddle board. His parents were also in town from MN so it was fun to check in with my roots and swap stories of the mid-west.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shades of sunset.

Janna and Nate planned a little gathering on the beach at Golden Gardens tonight. Though the weather was gloom and doom all day, by 6pm the clouds burned off and I saw one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen over the Olympic Mountains. See the progression:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love Note:::Family.

I was home in MN for the 4th of July holiday. The mid-west is the only place to truly celebrate the 4th - the extreme heat and humidity and abundance of lakes make it a great place to kick it with a brew and a bathing suit. I was able to get in some real quality time with my family and friends which is always a struggle for me when I go home but this time I tried to just enjoy the moments as they came and take in the people who were around me.

My dad picked me up from the airport and we headed to Uptown for some eats at French Meadow. Good Papa time just chatting and talking about working for the 'man' and what it takes to break out on your own just like he and my mom did. Then my mom and I curled up in JoAnn fabrics and we paged through pattern books. I had a déja vu moment when she said, "Here. Why don't you just sit there and read this for a few minutes.", handing me a pattern. It was like childhood all over again!

Of course brother Brian can't help but make the drive to WI and pick up a few illegal fireworks for the occasion. He managed to affix all of the launching tubes to a two-by-four and BOOM, a professional set-up was born.

Family time was basically relaxing overall. I tried to get some smaller group, one-on-one time because as Grandpa Larson apparently always said, "The big group is good for pictures, but everything is better one-on-one." I sort of like that...and tend to agree. I've always been more of a one-person gal anyway. Good laughs, good conversation. More of a connection.

And are you kidding, could she BE any cuter.

And Matthew just gets funnier and funnier. His personality rules. I cannot believe how giant he is and how well he communicates. Basically, little people are the coolest on the planet.

We spent Sunday at the lake along with my sisters - Jora and Kes - who are truly a fixture in my family and I love it. They walk in the door and not only is it just like any other family member, people know that their day just got a little bit better because Jora/Kes are hilarious. They've been such a part of my life since as far as I can truly remember and I'm lucky they are a part of my family too! We passed the time cruising around the lake in my parents' boat, eating grilled delights courtesy of brother Brian, sitting in the sunshine and enjoying the day.

I love my family. I love that just like any family we have our ups and our downs but there is a lot of love there. Sometimes I feel intense guilt about not living in MN, but I hope they support me and know that I'm happy and enjoying my life. And at the end of the day, it's what we should wish upon everyone - that they are happy! I miss you wonderful family. I'm glad you are in my life. And until the next time we hug and visit, know that I think of you every day.

Love Note:::Friends.

After countless 4th of July holidays on Lake Minnetonka, MN in the Ryan's boat, I struggled in Seattle to celebrate in the same way. Seattle just doesn't have what it takes to celebrate the fourth accordingly = heat, lakes, someone with a boat or a cabin and warm enough water one wants to jump in.

I spent the day at the lake home of one of my friends from CSB/SJU. The 10th annual Lanterball tournament was in full swing by the time I arrived and because it was the championship game, Suzy and the stats were understandably intense. Oh and she has twins in her belly. For those of you I haven't already explained this to, Lanterball is a made-up game of softball-like style played half on land and half in the water. The ball = a rubber ball about the size of a volleyball and the bases must be run in a counterclockwise fashion.

After the tournament the parents grilled. We ate. And eventually a crew of us headed out for a few spins around the lake. Wigs were required. I've always wanted to see what I'd look like as a blonde and I have to say, I did have a bit more fun.

We rounded out the day with an intense game of Bags. A rather pathetic game considering it tooks us well over an hour for someone to actually win. Amateurs. Kristi won the MVP award for three hole-in-one bag tosses. Again, aside from this glorious showing, amateurs. Then it was time to grab some beers and we piled into the boat for the evening fireworks show. Happy day.

I managed to schedule a dinner with Tim and Ann, and of course the trio of idiots ensued. Usually it goes a little something like this: Tim acts like an idiot. Ann responds. Tim insults her. And the table bursts into laughter that doesn't end until we wave goodbye for the evening. The three of us have some crazy chemistry for laughter and good times. Good times.

Tim leans in front of Ann at the last second. Idiot.

People are pregnant. Buns are in loads of ovens around my friend circle. Here are two beautiful moms - Crow and Kesney - whilst the rest of us sipped on Margaritas the size of our heads. Glorious. Can I just also say that I loved looking around the table having both my friends of 20+ years and my CSB gals laughing and chattering in unison. Women friends are fantastic.