Saturday, December 22, 2007

thai massage.

I had my first massage yesterday. The owner of our hotel suggested a place that would be "clean". Dimitri and I had a small adventure in just getting there. We tried two taxi's neither of which would take us where we wanted to go and they wouldn't turn on the meter. They wanted to take us to "different" massage places. Nope. Fine. We'll take the sky train. The massage place was so beautiful! Like a small paradise. 250 baht (aprox. $8) buys you 60 minutes of what I can only describe as a wonderful beat down. We layed on large, foam mats and changed in to comfortable clothing. Then, seriously, let the acrobatics begin. These women used their hands, feet, knees, elbows and forearms. They were all over the mats using their whole bodies. At points, pulling on your feet or hands as their feet are pressing against you. Stepping on us. Kicking us! Laying behind us and rolling our whole bodies over their knees. I'm telling you, I was totally blown away.

Tim and Steve arrive tonight. We move from our wonderful and small "budget" hotel to the fancy, fancy hotel. I have to say, I'm pretty sad. Dimitri and I have come to love this place and its staff.

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