Monday, December 10, 2007

good weekend.

Lindsay, Lisa, Me, Janna

Ladies met up Saturday night for some much-needed cocktail hours. Without planning too much, our evening was randomly blissful. The only instructions: 7pm Veil lounge. Many hours of chatting and laughter as people stopped by and were in and out. Then we headed to a holiday party...only to skip out early, grab a pizza and some pringles and descend upon a co-workers condo for more chatting. What I loved most was the mixing of all my different friend groups. My co-workers loved my non co-worker friends..who brought their friends who everybody liked also. Good stuff.

New friend Julie with Janna..and the pringles.

Sunday Lisa picked me up for some delicious coffee @ Zeitgeist and a few hours spent at Elliot Bay Bookstore = the most cozy and fun bookstore I've ever been in. Great Sunday.


janna said...

Such a fun nite! See...I DO read your blog! :)

the daily la la said...

i read too. tell me to cross my legs. i look fat. you are rad--that outfit is "sooo aspen"!
EB Bookstore was great, lets do it again sunday but maybe a different bookstore like a little used one if freemont!

jhoran403 said...

So many attractive ladies...I'm sorry I couldn't have been there to leer at you from across the room--that would've added to the ambiance.