Wednesday, December 19, 2007

some thought purging.

Seattle rage:
Lisa was raging the other day. She was raging about the sometimes Seattle rage. Walker/biker rage. Liberal rage. Hell, go to Bethany Presbyterian church at the top of Queen Anne and you'll see their neighbor writes a new sign of rage nearly every day about the church and the noise of its members. There is a greatness living in an area where people care so much about how they live their lives. They live passionately and their passions enter into most of what they spend their lives doing. Its inspiring and has definitely changed the way I live my life to a certain extent.

It can also get heavy sometimes when I feel like I am being preached to. Or that if I don't buy all organic food I'm somehow lame. Or if I want to watch television or drive to grab a cup of coffee from my favorite coffee shop (vs. the one two blocks from my house) every once in a while that I am a crazy person.

I know, I know random thoughts and purging. I am taking off soon for my holiday trip to Thailand and I think my emotions are more vibrant. I was having mixed emotions as I packed. Thinking about missing friends, family and Tyson for the holidays. I drove home last night and a homeless person was chillin' at an intersection. I handed him the change I had (which I can honestly say I never do). I thought about those who won't have the opportunity to even have a great meal this Christmas and I can't help but feel a tug of thoughtful reflection as I prep to leave and relax in a place not a lot of people get to in their lives. How am I living my life? To its fullest most of the time I'd say. I do want to think about all the things the Seattle folks have taught me: Eating locally. Living in ways that reduce my waste and respect the environment. Appreciating the out of doors and playing in it. And hopefully trying to give my fellow humans who aren't as fortunate something to try and even the score in '08. Cheers to all of your holidays. Love you and have a wonderful, grateful new year!


tyson said...

miss you already!

the daily la la said...

rage against the machine. I hate the "im so open minded, so don't judge me but ill judge you, attitude. and whats with pedestrians these days? fuck, get a car!