Thursday, May 22, 2008


So, maybe its the Sex and the City episode I just watched, or the wine I've been drinking tonight, but I'm reflective. To so many in my life, my relationship with Tyson has been a bit of a mystery. Though we've spent time with friends and family, so many shared moments between the two of us have been just that: things between the two of us. Having experienced an intensely tumultuous year before meeting Tyson, I was skeptical at best. To say skeptical would be optimistic actually. And in fact, in hindsight, I think the distance proved to be something special for both of us and something necessary. Without distraction or conflicted intentions we spent hours on the phone talking about who we are and where we came from, who we want to become, our perspectives ...and we laughed the whole way through. We became each others' Gnight. I was content in my own space as he was content in his Aspen world.

Over the past several months and through a number flights between Aspen and Seattle we spent time together and grew to love. When I think about Tyson I think of so many things I appreciate about him. Simple yet emotional. Thoughtful and kind. Sincere. Honest. Easy-going. Adventurous. Smart. Passionate. Open. And he makes me smile.

I look forward to this weekend in San Francisco. A city that inevitably sparked the closure of one door. And a city where another door is opening. Tyson in Seattle: 5/29/08.


hales02 said...

gorgeously put, my sweets. just melodic. so happy for you & T-man!(Huuuuuuuuuuuuug)

tyson said...

aw... lets hug

jhoran403 said...

you two lil potatoes make me so damn happy...i just wanna punch ya. not in a hurtful vengeful way...but in a softer, snuggles the bear kinda way...the kind that makes you

andrea said...
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