Saturday, January 15, 2011

He asked.

In the days before the holidays - on Tuesday December 21 to be exact - Tyson and I got engaged. This was not a surprise in that we had been talking about getting married since the days we zipped around in a rental car logging hundreds of miles road-tripping in both New Zealand and Australia last spring. We would talk about who we would want to stand up for us, "definitely need to have your brother's beer", and how excited we were that we get to be together.

We returned to Seattle and picked out a ring last summer. We spent some time with my parents on Sauvi Island just outside of Portland in August where Tyson asked my Poppy for permission. And on this cloudy and crisp day in December we took a motorcycle ride over to Queen Anne to indulge in some of our favorite eats = Malena's Tacos. An order to go, we rounded the bend where the neighborhood looks out to the Puget Sound and the Olympic mountain range. Sigh. A Beautiful spot. The spot where Tyson, my boyfriend and partner of three point five years, knelt down and asked me to be his wife. And the spot where we will marry on 9/3/2011.

We are ecstatic! In these short few weeks we have planned so much already and enjoyed the ride tremendously. We look forward to our closest friends and family sharing our wedding day with us and seeing our life in Seattle. But most importantly, in these past few weeks we marvel at how lucky we feel. Lucky and grateful. Grateful that we met in the first place and for each other. Lucky that we get to be together. Grateful for each other. And often times in these goofy moments in the kitchen when I am tickling him or or when he's packed my lunch for me and I see it in the fridge in the morning or when he has successfully executed some surprise prank on me and we are laughing, I stop and look at him and I say, "Can you believe we get to be together forever? Isn't that so great?!"

Its pretty fun. And totally awesome.


jhoran403 said...

you two make me so happy...and in turn it makes me even happier for both of you--it's a vicious cycle, one I hope never ends.

congrats kids, from that first "date" at the ARC in aspen, I knew love was in the air.


jhoran403 said...

seeing how happy you two are and knowing that you will be a crime fighting force for good for the rest of time is something that helps me rest easier at night.

you two = pumpkin pie cheese cake delight (which, is devilishly good)

I heart you both and while I don't want to say "I called it." I knew there was love in the air during that afternoon at the ARC in aspen--I just knew it.

suzie sanborn said...

Yay! Glad to hear a date has been set..What a great couple you and Tyson are.. you are lucky to spend your lives together!

Kate said...

Hooray! I was just wondering if marriage was in your future. Many Congratulations! (and Say hi to your mom for me, whom i never get to see at Trader Joe's anymore). That ring is jaw droppingly beautiful! PS, I travel to shoot weddings. ;)

jamieofalltrades said...

congratulations, girl! i am so happy for you. what a sweet, sweet post. xoox