Friday, June 29, 2007


A map of the US with the states renamed for countries with similar GDPs (click image to view larger)


I saw the movie Once last weekend. I fell in love instantly. I couldn't figure out if the movie was so powerful to me after what I've been through this past year or because of the music in the film. ...or both, frankly. Music has the amazing power to recreate a feeling or memory and often times memories conjured from music are either intensely wonderful or intensely sad. I love music...I love playing. Love listening. Love watching. I haven't actually played an instrument in a few years but when I did I experienced some of the most passionate moments of my life. The nervousness of getting up in front of people to perform. The feeling of accomplishment when you finally nail a part that's been difficult and play it without any mistakes. Being one, tiny part of someone's intricately woven piece and bringing it to life. All good stuff. Music can also be an incredible connection for people. Whether its singing "Piano Man" with your pants down at Sal's bar and thrill in St. Joseph, MN (i never did that), watching a concert, or actually playing music together..I hope its a part of my life always. Grandma, fire up those piano lessons again!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007


finished about a month ago...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mt. Adams Day 2

Miraculously the morning brought clear skies and the wind had finally stopped. Up we went. Crampons on and ice axe in hand I climbed. It was beautiful, terrifying, difficult, exhilerating and so totally exhausting. We didn't summit. We were able to reach just over 11,000 ft. when another bout of bad weather came through and we decided its better to be safe than sorry. I'm not sure I could've reached the summit as I was really struggling. But once we put our snowboard pants on and sat in the snow to slide down I think we were all pretty happy. Its called glassading, and its called really fun. Overall, Adams was the most difficult experience physically in my life thus far. I'm not sure I will climb another mountain, but it would be fun to summit one day. Give me some time to let those hormones kick in that make experiences like childbirth seem appealing again after completion. Glad to be alive!

Mt. Adams Day 1

Friday was the scheduled day of departure to Mt. Adams and marked the beginning of a crazy adventure. ...until B called with sad news that it looked as though the weather wasn't ideal for climbing. Total deflation...but, there was a part of me that felt a bit relieved in that I was also nervous about the climb. 4PMish...more chats with B confirmed that yes, the trip was back on. Phew, I was back into planning, packing and preparing mode. Once we were in the car, I couldn't stop the butterflies. I was so excited to have the opportunity to climb a mountain..and so nervous at the same time. We camped the first night at a little campsite closer to Mount Adams making Saturday, and the first part of the climb, a bit more doable. Saturday we climbed about 3,000 feet. The goal was to reach a flat area, called The Lunch Counter, where most people camp. Throughout those first few hours we went from a somewhat groomed path to snow and rocks, and less than ideal weather set in making The Lunch Counter not possible. The guys found a nice ridge with a sandy area to put up the tents and we set up camp for the night. Soon the weather went from bad to worse and we were locked in our respective girl and boy tents to sleep through 35 mph winds and 35 degree tempuratures all while we were dusted with a light layer of snowfall. Bess and I thought our tent was going to blow away! The group decision at that point was to see if the morning would afford us fair enough conditions to hike back down.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

making babies.

Ladies gathered on Sunday to celebrate William L. Flannery coming into this world...and let's be honest, his mom's success in getting him here. Nice work, Michelle! There's a beautiful and dramatic change happening as more and more of my girlfriends become pregnant. I looked around the room and wondered who will be next? How many will Michelle have? How will Mitch's pregnancy/labor go? Its difficult to not feel pressure and a bit of sadness as I couldn't be further from the baby club. But I'm completely happy in where I am in life and in the meantime I'll just hold everyone else's babies...and then send them home with their parents and get great night of sleep. Wink! Some things will never change, but many others do and it was wonderful to watch my great friend be a mother this weekend. Congrats Birdy. Love you gals.

Monday, June 11, 2007

they do.

The big day. It was beautiful. They were beautiful. I'm SO happy for them, but more importantly, I'm proud of them. Congrats, big bro.

small town greatness.

My brother tied the knot this weekend in MN. He married A, a wonderful gal and also the mother of their child. SO MUCH FUN! Friday night was the groom's/rehearsal dinner and they chose a fantastic "towny" location called the Choo Choo bar. Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and all the cold beer you could drink. I must've decided that meant I should drink a lot. It was a blast though with lots of love, laughter and even a few sentimental tears between father and daughter. Love ya dad! ...even though you still like the W. ha ha.

Monday, June 4, 2007


B and I ran our half marathon yesterday. Hills. Lots of'em. It was beautiful though and we did really well = 2:07:09.

SJI Camping.

I embarked on a camping adventure this weekend with my great friends J and B as well as their friends A and C. We drove to a little placed called Anacortes and then caught the ferry out to the absolutely beautiful San Juan Island. [B and I were running our half marathon which I will post pictures of next] I haven't camped in so long and had forgotten how great it is. Canoeing, cards, the fire, trees, on and on and relaxation and beauty all around. It helps that I wasn't responsible for any of the I have none. BUT, I am officially starting to collect beginning with a sleeping bag.


Janna and I went to see Barack Obama speak on Friday. There was great energy and a deep feeling of hope for a better future. Obama spoke about the war in Iraq and his plan to bring troops home by March of 2008. He talked about education and making sure our teachers have the freedom to be the best teachers they can be for our children. I was most inspired by his conviction to bring this nation together, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion etc; I really believe in what Obama has to say but more importantly, I actually believe him. Obama '08!

Friday, June 1, 2007

new season old season

We finally wrapped up U12 volleyball after a challenging but fun and hilarious, nearly 7 month, season. We have an all-club beach party this Sunday but also wanted to celebrate with just our girls and the parents who put so much time and dedication to this team. I wasn't prepared for how emotional I got! These young gals have really touched my life in so many ways. I only wish I could attach a tiny camera to each of them and watch as they grow and change into young women. Anyways, they must've been as touched as me because they created this incredible scrapbook with pictures and very personal messages. I'm still so blown away. I'll never forget Cascade U12 2007!