Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh boy.

Luckily I was already unemployed for some time this summer and was able to check off thing on my task list that are definitely not as fun during the summer months, like painting the bathroom. Done. Check.

As most people in my world know, I sort of have trouble functioning without making lists. I’ve written about it here before, but I feel it gives me direction and also an insurance policy, sort of. Like, if it’s on the list I will likely make it happen. Having returned home with my mind in a swirl I hadn’t even considered the possibility of a list. I think a part of me felt like taking a break considering Tyson and I had endless, running intangible lists of everything we wanted to see on our trip and I just wanted to chill. For once. But, in response a friend’s recent blog post, I am now on board with making a list. I will admit though, this list is less lofty than in years past. I am not training for ANYTHING and I’m not summiting anything either. This is not to say either of these activities won’t happen or if someone reaches out with a request for a partner in said activities that I won’t jump on board. I am easily persuaded.

Well, here we go.

The existing List and also things I’ve added to the List as goals:

Make polenta
Finish sewing the bags for cornhole.
Outfit my bike for touring – do a touring trip. Likely on the peninsula and possibly in August or September.
Camp WITH TYSON, in the North Cascades. Maybe in the fall?
Sit on my rooftop deck more. Hopefully with friends. 
Bake a triple layer chocolate cake with homemade whipped cream frosting.
See Jack Johnson at the Gorge – September.
Make more taboulleh.
Get ripped. This may seem superficial but I want to start building more muscle. I AM in my thirties after all.
Buy tons of fruit from a farm or farms and freeze it for winter.
Make a pizza with pumpkin on it – just like in New Zealand and Aus.
Continue writing for my book, and hopefully not get discouraged and scared and quit.
Sign up for a memoir writing class that starts in the fall.
Sign up for the PMP certification class that also takes place in the fall.
Start flossing on a regular basis.
Learn to cook something new at least once a week.
Run a cumulative twenty miles per week.
See Ira Glass speak in August
Backpacking in Utah in October
Bike to work at least once a week – when it’s nice. Sorry, I’m fair-weather.
NYC with my college girlfriends in August!
MN with my family in August!
Spend more time with Willa, my mentee, because she’s a pretty awesome lady and I am continually amazed at what I learn when I see her. No Jennifer, this is not just because you are her mom and I know you read this!
Try to be more generous. Very general I realize, but hey, it’s a real goal of mine.
Play more tennis!

When the weather is shitty:
Organize and archive photos pre 2009
Design and print yearly photo books + a book of our NZ and Australia Trip
Listen to This American Life archives by podcast

When Tyson and I lived in New Zealand we overlapped with a gal who had created her "bucket list", which in my opinion, was both totally intimidating but also, hers specifically was a little non-acheiveable. Good on her though for putting pen to paper!

I have thought about making a bucket list though and I'll admit I'm a little scared. Short-term goals seem somehow less daunting, but we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

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