Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well despite the fact that I'm pretty sure the tempurature has not yet reached 75 degrees in Seattle, we celebrated solstice by attending the annual NAKED bike ride + parade that takes place in the Fremont neighborhood.

True to the tone of this spring, it was raining in the morning and I was not terribly excited to stand in the street. Buckley had organized a small gathering and directed people to wear wigs which, in my state of disparidging feelings about how the day would play out based on the weather, I wasn't too excited about. But as wigs go, they were a huge hit! Tyson actually had people stopping him to take pictures with him! Hilarious. We sipped cocktails and ate food from street vendors and basically just celebrated all day. Good times.

Also, I've become just slightly obsessed with my new iPhone app camera. It allows me to shoot with all different types of lenses and film and I'm sure its a little sad that the digital era is now recreating images from say an old Hidalgo, but I'm not complaining.

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