Tuesday, June 1, 2010


One of life's little reminders to just get out, live it up, and be grateful for every inhalation recently came in the form of diagnosed breast cancer and a member of my extended family. "Aunt" D, as she has always been referred to even though she's a cousin of my parents, was recently handed down some intense news that has rocked the family pretty significantly lately. Incidentally, I've heard my parents become inspired to grab a hold life and all the adventures they can dream up. This includes some whimsical plans to hit the pavement in their camper, Matilda, and head across country to San Francisco - a destination I know my parents once flew to for dinner because my Mom worked for Northwest Airlines at the time and they could pop on a flight for only $10. Then they could head north up the coast and visit ME, ME, ME in Seattle! Put the pedal to the metal, Pops, and get out here!

Obviously this devastating news in our family totally sucks. I think about D and her adoring hubby of at least forty years and my stomach becomes sick with anxiety for the two of them. I feel so far away and I figured a little note to let her know I'm thinking of her would be the least I could do. Knowing what she's going through, I never expected or anticipated a response. Afterall, Miss D's got a few things going on at the moment. But she did respond, and in case you needed a reason to plan that next vacation or make a phone call to a friend you've been meaning to connect with, here's one I can offer up:

"Hi Honey,
Thank you for the sweet email. I am so lucky to have my family as well as our great extended family, and especially you. It's been hard getting used to and finally realized it's "life" so get on with it.

You're right on your Mom and Dad. Your Mom and I are reaching out for each other more than we have in years. There has always been too many other things to do before enjoying friends and family. Remind me if I get wayward again, that is not a good state of mind.
I love you too, and bless you for your kind heart."

D: I'm so sorry for what you're going through! But know that you are inspiring the Franzen's and so many others with your fight. Thanks for reminding me that when I get annoyed because my house is a mess and I have over-committed YET AGAIN, that's its just fine. Having a clean house is overrated and I won't remember it when I look back on my life to remember the good times. I love you!

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