Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The weather in Seattle has been down right terrible lately. Its June for chrissakes, and its been rainy and cold for the nearly the entire month we've been back. Today is no exception. Rain slides down the glass of the windows in the office I've taken over while freelancing and I can't help but turn my obsessions INSIDE. Dreaming of fun and cozy interiors. Here's a smattering. Enjoy!

According to the house's owners (who renovated the building), the staircase in the living room was salvaged from a 19th-century bistro in France. The floor is original to the building, which was converted to a residence in 2009.

The kitchen opens to the patio and the garden. The wood floors here and on the bedroom level, upstairs, were salvaged from a nearby factory. Um, can I salvage something? Please! I love the white-washed brick too.

Look at this cool idea for a table:

CRAZY: Cave Home, Festus, Mo.
In 2003, Curt and Deborah Sleeper and their two children were living in a cramped Missouri ranch house when they saw an eBay offering for three acres with an empty sandstone cave. The family intended to build on the land until they realized the former quarry offered 15,000 feet of naturally insulated space.

And look at this great idea for a bed - kids or otherwise. I love that the end of it doubles as a bench.

Lastly, I just love how industrial this space is, and yet really cozy and comfy. Yes, please.

Okay, I should probably be productive. Part of my problem is that I interviewed hardcore-style last week and yesterday for a dream opportunity at a dream company and I cannot stand waiting to hear the news. Is it too desperate to check in with the recruiter and see how the process is going? Or do I play it coy? Or do I simply continue planning my dream home and avoid thinking about it altogether. Will keep you posted, I'm sure.

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