Friday, June 25, 2010


So my new job is really quiet. Like, so quiet that loud, little ole me needs some noise, and the noise I've settled on is streaming KEXP on my iPhone and popping in a set of headphones. I love it! I listen to KEXP a lot at home and if I'm ever in a car - not MY car per say as I do not currently own a car - but if I'm in a car I'll listen! In any case, I am falling unapologetically in-love with the daily discoveries of good tunes.

Today's happy discovery:

Ugly Casanova, "Barnacles"

Which I am equally loving for the song itself but also it reminds me of camping on the beach and playing around at low tide looking at barnacles. Sigh.

In other news, I recently read B's post about zipping around town on foot last night. Lovely. And even more lovely considering I too was out "in it" last night on a jog with my ipod and pranced though Cal Anderson park witnessing all she listed! It was superb seeing all the little sub cultures on blankets in the grass and seated on benches in the park. Like a bowl of seamonkeys all coming to life! Its currently a tie which group I enjoy watching in that park more - the intense hoola-hoopers or the goth-dressed warriors with swords who fake fight.

Ok, now KEXP is playing Basement Jaxx, a favorite of mine since I saw them play at First Avenue in Minneapolis! Also the venue Tyson and I will go to see The National play when we're in Minnie this August! I can't wait

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bess said...

The National at First Ave? Jealous!