Sunday, February 1, 2009

x chromosomes.

I've managed to have more Gal time in the last week than I've had in months. Its like a great workout for the soul and lungs as most instances involve lots of conversation, connection and reflection.

Last week I was part of a Gals' night that included the following list of not necessary, but fantastic items making such nights one of the greatest pastimes possible:

Popcorn + sixteen different toppings (i.e. cheese POWDER, butter etc;)
Great girl movie where comments can be made about outfits, hair, love - insert The Dutchess
Lots and lots of conversation

BOOM, a voicemail from Lindsay with plans to come up from Portland for a party on Friday night and wondering if she could crash on my couch. Let me see, umm Yep. She's not only a favorite of the people I've met on the West coast, but in life in general. After our party, we stayed up late into the wee hours chatting on my couch. Saturday we woke and headed to Coastal Kitchen for brunch and three hours and four cups of coffee later, we paid the check. It was 55 degrees and sunny in Seattle leading us to keep the coffee train rolling grabbing lattes to sit outside Vivace endlessly bantering. Sweet Lindsay brought me the gift of a coffee bean roaster in the form of a popcorn popper. She and several other friends of mine are heavy into roasting and I was eager to roast my first batch.

This morning I made plans to meet Caitlin for brunch with the intention of helping her brainstorm and start a blog for her business. We spent 5% of the time talking about the blog and 95% just talking. About all sorts of things. And I returned home feeling so great. Why is it that spending time with other women rocks so much. I've experienced women who don't have a lot of other female friends and I really cannot understand that. I feel like I've just returned home from vacation or something. Sigh. Minus the tan.

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