Monday, February 9, 2009

sweet nectar of life.

I started walking in my giant, bionic boot yesterday. Sans crutches. I didn't walk very far and it was really more of a hobble, but the freedom and independence felt amazing. My overall mood was lighter and my feelings of doom subsided. And well, that could've also been due to the fact that Tyson flew in from the Midwest after being gone for almost two weeks! Aren't reunions the best? Everything is so fun and exciting. A hug. A look.

Though many things for me personally are moving in a general direction of goodness, I decided to pop into Value Village yesterday on a hunt for a popcorn popper to which I'm planning to roast my own coffee beans at home. Value Village is like Goodwill, except, not as cool. Many of my friends scour Goodwill and find treasure after treasure of other peoples' discarded items. Value Village, to me, isn't a place to find treasures. Its dark, smelly and overall unpleasant. And with this economy being the way it is, it also seemed unusually packed for a sunny Saturday afternoon. As I looked around at the people shopping, they weren't people hunting for hip vintage T's or used books, they were people who really probably couldn't even afford to buy the things they NEEDED to be buying that day. And my heart sank. I hope I don't eventually lose my job as a result of this "crisis" but more than that I hope a lot of people FIND jobs and keep them, and prosper and live good lives. Its such a reality that people are suffering and yet I don't see it around me in my every day life.

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