Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a brother ties it.

Toby and Missy wed last Saturday in St. Louis. Out of five siblings, Toby is number two in line after Tim, then Tom, then Tracy then last and best, Tyson. The last is of course the best. Insert wink. I say that knowing full well that I too am the last. The baby.

It was a small wedding. Small in number of attendees, but definitely not small in the measurement of laughter, great conversation, consumption and love. I have only met Tyson's family a handful of times - aside from his fantastic sister who also happens to live here in Seattle - and yet, somehow I feel like I know them all quite well. It may be that I'm connected to many of them through gmail chatting and Facebook, but also because they treat me like part of the gang. And I love it.

Toby and Missy were both so excited to make things official. To become a family. And everyone in that livingroom watching them take their vows felt their throat swell and their eyes well up a little bit. Like at the end of the movie Beaches when you're trying REALLY hard not to cry but you just can't help yourself. Just like that. It was very, very sweet. And I couldn't be more happy for them.

Oh and we celebrated. With great food. A few trays of tequila shots. And then a wedding just isn't complete unless the bride does a keg stand. Twice. And her 60+ parents. And me. And Tyson. And his brothers. And Tom's fiance, Meg. And And And.

Sunday was a rough day. But well worth it.

Congratulations, you crazy love birds.

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