Friday, February 6, 2009

real estate or dream?

From about the age of, oh 24, I've been looking at real estate. At first because I wanted to buy, and since then because it allows me to be curious about design and what I like, don't like and what I would do to change it. It allows me to be curious about the prospect of living in another neighborhood, city, or country and to dream about what living in a particular place would be like.

Today I expanded my usual multi-city curiosity search across the pond to Spain. NYTimes always features fantastic slideshows of various properties for sale around the country and it wasn't until today I clicked my mouse internationally. Can you imagine? Living in Spain with a spare bedroom for visitors to come and enjoy cobblestone streets, sunshine and el mar? I immediately saw myself sitting outside little cafes, eating incredible food, traveling around the country and I was so nervously excited. Is it possible!? I don't really know, but those who know me have seen me do just about anything to make something happen. And I'm not even sure I WANT to do this, but its fun to dream, right?

Look at this listing:
A two bedroo, two bath condo with terrace overlooking the sea for $370K.

And there is this listing:
A three bedroom, two bathroom townhouse.

Maybe someday...

1 comment: said...

Don't ever forget your dreams, or quite dreaming about your wants and desires. As an owner of our clients come to us with pictures and ideas of what they want in a new home or remodel addition, it is our job to extract their thoughts and desires and bring them to life. Some designers/Architects think they know it all and their egos cannot get past the fact that clients may have a few thoughts themselves, these designers shouldn’t be allowed to be, but unfortunately are. For us at MD Design Homes we believe we are an extension of the client’s brains and give our clients what they want.

So keep dreaming, and should you ever decide on building a home, just know it should be done your way.