Monday, February 2, 2009

Its getting serious...

Hello, you.

Its been two weeks since I broke my ankle and let me tell you, my couch and I have become very close. Its an intimate relationship full of ups and downs, but overall its supportive, loving and comfy.

Its funny how most of the time I wish for life to slow down a bit, and now, as I sit where I've sat for days and days I can only wish to participate in the 55 degree temperatures and sunshine outside. When I am out with friends, I find myself feeling tired from average nights of sleep or anxious thinking about how long I'll have to stand on my crutches or walk. I realize there are people in this world who are struggling much more than I am, and I try to see that perspective as much as possible, but tonight I'm feeling a little down.

I made an appointment with a sports doctor and am hoping my recovery process will be a little clearer. I need things to work towards and to look forward to. Until then, I'll try and take things slow and not do anything I wouldn't be proud to tell my Grandmother.

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Jamieofalltrades said...

I didn't know you broke your ankle! Was one of the three pairs of crutches at Coastal Kitchen yours? :) Hope it's better soon.