Wednesday, February 11, 2009

week Four.

I'm well into week four of the recovery process. Post-week Four, I've been told, is a turning point and once its complete many people make the mistake of thinking, "Lord, I'm healed!" and begin to put exorbitant weight on the injury of course resulting in a longer recovery process. Ick. I don't want that. I started walking sans crutches on Monday and quickly learned I was premature in that step. I'll wait until NEXT Monday. Week Five.

Current thoughts during week Four include:
Being really sick of wearing the same shoes - all having to be flats. And a nagging curiosity about what it will be like when I go pairing shoes again. Will the right foot be significantly more worn? Will my gorgeous new boots look completely mismatched considering the left foot has only seen the light of day two times compared to the right foot's countless walking experiences? Stepping into my apartment is a sight also = all right foots sitting by the door. I smile every time.

Oh and my boot is smelly and occasionally I catch a whiff while seated at my desk.

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