Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Urban Sledding. On a different hill.

We caught wind that the hill over on Queen Anne was closed also. Comparatively, QA Avenue is not only significantly steeper, but also really long. Like a nice ski run long. And by the time I walked all the way over wearing my snow gear, probably ten snowboarders and 5 or 6 skiers were making turns down a "blue square" run on Queen Anne hill. A small group was enjoying a keg on the sidewalk about half way up and if you asked, they gave you a cup of ice cold beer.

At one point a snowmobile started giving rides to one of their snowboarding friends so they didn't have to hike up the hill each time. The crowd on QA was much more civilized in comparison to Capitol Hill. Similar, respectively, to the personalities of the neighborhoods.

Ski Jump and Tyson:

Josh, Lisa and I race:

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tyson said...

it looks like i am the one with the nose ring in that photo of us on queen anne.