Sunday, December 21, 2008

Urban Sledding.

So Seattle is officially dumping snow. A typical winter in Seattle includes a snowish day and everyone goes crazy and cars can't drive and its nuts. Well, its now been snowing off and on now for five days and last night we received another five inches of snow. Keep in mind that nothing has been plowed since the first dumping because I'm not even sure if we HAVE plows. And for the protection of the salmon, the roads and sidewalks have not been salted or sanded. I live at the top of a giant hill that has three main roads carrying you over the adjacent interstate. One of those, Denny Way, was closed due to road conditions. What does a hill full of hipsters, EMO rockers, gays and everyone in between do when a giant hill covered in snow is closed to traffic? Throw a party and ride down it on anything that slides. Probably 250 people gathered at the top of Denny Way last night and when we showed up around midnight they had music blaring, pot smoke in the air, a guy in a Santa suit and people sledding on any and all of the following items:

cake pans
cookie sheets
storage bins
laundry baskets
a surf board - it fit almost ten people at once
skateboard decks
real estate signs
plastic bags
a car bumper
And of course, sleds

Here's me flying:

Tyson flying. Note the person he takes out at the end:

The crowd favorite, 6-7 people on a surf board:

Hilarious craziness:

And by the look of things, the weather isn't really going to get much better. I'm a little nervous about my Christmas flight!:

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