Sunday, December 14, 2008

the One.

We stopped at the Ranger Station near North Bend. We were shown two types of needles indicating which trees were good Christmas trees and which were not. (Tyson already knew the answer). We were given a map and were off to Exit 47 to find our tree. The day was crisp and sunny. The Christmas station blared holiday classics on the radio. The cheese factor was turned WAY up but I was more than pleased to be the cheesiest person of all time. We were going to cut down a tree!

After reaching the forest, the dirt road was bumpy and eventually Tyson pulled over. Off we went looking for The Tree. The trees in the forest aren't anything like those purchased at a grocery store or even a tree farm. They are sparse and closely resemble a Charlie Brown tree. Awesome.

Eventually we found a tree and both agreed it was the One.

1 comment:

janna said...

Now I want one!
Can't wait to see it in the condo :)