Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two Turkey Dinners:

Rob and Claude hosted a Thanksgiving feast at their house the Saturday before the actual holiday. It was a chance to let the games begin in terms of loosening your belt a notch with holiday eating. Fried turkey in the form of wingies first, then the real bird + potatoes + green bean casserole + Claude's grandpa's stuffing + wine and cranberries. I was far from home, but able to relax in the company of great friends. Orphan holidays aren't so bad. It will never compare with Thanksgiving Eve at Grandma Peg's eating lasagna and Thanksgiving day with my family and football blasting from the television but its definitely relaxing. And the Pictionary that followed was top-notch. At one point the men were tasked with the word "Rag". Without going into detail, the drawings were very "Health Class-ish". Oh boy.

Then on the actual day of Thanksgiving we were grateful to spend time with Tyson's sister Tracy and her husband Scott who live here in Washington. The food was great and their friends are always fun, but somehow, more than a week after tasting the wonder, I am still dreaming about the deliciousness that was their pumpkin cheesecake dessert. OMG. The best cheesecake I've ever consumed.

So many things to be thankful for:
coffee, the election of Barack Obama, my new baby neice, Eleanor, my family, my Gma, having a job that pays the billz, Love Actually, dreaming, happiness, peanut butter on top of english muffins, the internet, texting, hugs, Dwell magazine, hiking, cooking, baking, knitting, my bike, cribbage, my macbook laptop, laughing, taking a risk, butterflies in my stomach, youtube videos that can truly teach you anything you want to learn, good books, our soldiers, our farmers, friends, memories, dark chocolate, spinning class, yoga class, hilarious blogs, cheesy holiday music, sewing, walking to work, walking just about everywhere I go, the Joe Bar, a good year, a good outlook, lessons learned, tennis, tennis, tennis, good smelling candles, Tracy's pumpkin cheesecake, speaking my mind, inspiration, a sense of Peace.

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