Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Bowl.

Our resident party planner and bookie from work, Rob, planned a little friendly touch football game. Our building is divided down the middle creating an East side and a West side. Rob's West side vs. ours. There were very few rules: One could only rush the QB after counting from one one-thousand to ten one-thousand, a girl had to be catching or throwing at least every third play, and the ball had to be passed or ran within five seconds after hiking. Pretty simple. Pretty awesome. Our East side had lower expectations as we all knew Rob had been a QB in college. And our fears were confirmed when we arrived Saturday morning to see a velcro strapped play book attached to his forearm. We were screwed.

But we were scrappy. And after two twenty-minute halves we were one touchdown behind. It was our ball. There were 20 seconds remaining in the game. The play started. Everyone ran to the endzone. The ball was thrown. People left into the air. And alas, there was no catch. We lost.

But we were so happy our huddles of standing around and chatting and not actually making a plan for each down really did compete with Rob and his full defense and offensive lines and his playbook. We lost the trophy but we toasted on beers afterward just the same. Until Turkey Bowl 2009, we will be practicing.

*photo credit to Steve

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