Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Roadies in the boat taxi.

Having enticed my parents with the idea of throwing a party out at the farm last fall, only to make them really sad when I decided it was too much work, I decided to host a small gathering out on Big Island last Friday. My papa was proud to be the boat taxi driver and made several trips back and forth from the Excelsior dock to tote friends to the island. People lugged on their coolers and most trips included things like, "Get the driver a beer!" and "Who needs a roadie?" Interesting how this activity in a car would never be welcome, and yet, somehow on a lake anything is fair game.

It was so good to see all of my friends! So so good. Kridi brought her famous puppy chow. And it was fun to have them all intermingling with my family. My nephew, Matthew sat with most of my friends at a picnic table eating dinner and making them laugh. Crow and my mom caught up. I watched Art and Ang get to know my brother, Brian, at the grill. Pete talked extensively with my mom about wine and pretty much everything as she just adores him. We all had a few brews and laughed around the fire.

Soon the night came to a close. I was so happy to have so many great people around me that I think I tipped a few too many back. Whoops. And as friends slowly started to leave, I began to cry.

Tyson decided to go fishing with Brian around 2am and my mom and I sat around the fire talking. Eventually I headed off into the cabin to use the restroom telling my mom I'd be back. Nope. I went to "sleep". And sleep I did. In my clothes.

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Jora said...

Dude, you were so wasted!! You were talking with your DAD around the fire when you went inside. God love you :)