Saturday, July 19, 2008

30 of'em.

My friend Suzie turned 30 yesterday. She was the first of my CSB girls to cross the threshold of a new decade. 7/18.

What's interesting for me is when I think of Suz, certain thoughts come to mind: Brave, Independent, knows what she wants, Beautiful. And I'm sure she turned THIRTY with all of the aforementioned adjectives and even a bit of I get nervous for October and my own inevitable wave goodbye to my 20's. She and I are in a much different place. Pysically, she lives on the East coast and I live on the West coast. And specifically, she is a wife and mother while I'm dating and not yet sure where the next 5 or maybe even ten years of my life will go. We couldn't be more different and yet when I talk to Suz, the specific circumstances of our lives fade away and we catch up like all friends do.

Suz never tries to be anyone but herself. She has an amazing smile. She loves awesomely bad TV (and I love that because I do too). She loves to read books. Her husband rocks, and he actually brought me to tears once with his kind words. She has a beautiful daughter, Grace. And now she is thirty. That wasn't so hard now was it. Thanks for always paving the way and making it look easy, Suz. Love you. Happy Birthday.

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suzie said...

AHHHHHH! my very own post! What a fun surprise to find when I opened up your blog to check in on my favorite west coaster!! thanks for the kind words, they truly mean so much.. We really missed you at the party..