Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not much.

I've been sorta lame. No posting. Been relaxing. The holiday weekend was good. I'd really wanted to get out of town, but alas the daunting task of fighting crowds and hoping for a campsite ultimately brought me back to the reality that staying in Seattle would be cool. Lisa threw another fab pool party. Who knew that even on a semi-warm day, with partly cloudy skies, a diving contest-ish activity would rock so much. Grilled corn and burgers. And about twelve Sessions. A group of us biked over to Gasworks park to watch the fireworks show over Lake Union. I like this activity a lot. Dubbed as "Night Ridin' " by Haley and I back in oh, 1999 -riding bikes at night has become a new favorite pastime.

On Saturday, Tyson and I went camping in an attempt to combat the early morning start-time for his sister Tracy's Half Ironman. 6:47am. It was still early, but it was awesome. So many amazing athletes having spent months training and quite possibly just using this event as a stepping stone to their next goal: a FULL Ironman. I can't help but get a little choked up at events like this. A 73 year-old woman competed. When she finished the bike and started on her final leg - 13.1 miles of running - the crowd roared. You should have seen her. Raising her fists and giving people high fives. It was really incredible. A man crossed the finish line and fought back tears so hard until he just couldn't do it anymore and started crying. A fellow finisher walked over and hugged him.

Tracy wanted to finish in under six hours. Her time: 5:59:59. Congrats, girl ;) Pictures to come.

Yep. Now I want to do one. I have my eye on a Portland Triathlon but we'll see if there's enough time to train.

Anyway, Happy 4th America.

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