Monday, August 4, 2008

Ann marries Brian.

After spending the day lounging on the lake, Tyson and I made our way into Mpls for Ann and Brian's wedding. They chose the very warehouse and swank Theater de la Jeune Lune as their venue. Ann looked absolutely beautiful and I'm not just saying that because I love her and because she was the bride. Brian had apparently stopped eating after May 1st and as a result lost 20lbs before the wedding. He looked great too. In their ceremony, they made sure to make note of the fact that their relationship is based on many things, but mostly, they make each other laugh. And they really do. They laugh all the time. And you can't really miss it because Ann has this amazing, brilliant "cackle" that I love so much! They really waited until they both found their right partner and I think they are going to have an incredible marriage and will truly spend the rest of their lives as best friends.

It was interesting to see so many of my former co-workers from my old agency. So many questions about "what happened?" and "who is this guy?" ...anyway, I had a great time. Just sometimes, life is very odd.

And so is Tim. Odd I mean.

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C. Maurice said...

Man, I wish I would've known you were in town. That place is seriously 5 blocks from my work. I'm more in the "real" warehouse district by the new Twins Stadium...but it would've been cool to get a beer with you!