Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lake Minnetonka: Big Island.

Thursday night late, Tyson and I were dropped at the airport for our red-eye flights to MN. Both booked for Thursday, my flight was at 11:55pm, his at 12:15am. Notice that mine was in the evening and his in the morning? Yeah, his was in the morning on Thursday meaning we had already missed his. Crap! Tears. Bawling. Feeling horrible as I was the one who booked the flights. Soon I had to board and left Tyson in the airport trying to clean up the mess. Eventually, it seemed the mess could only be cleaned for an additional $250 and wasn't even really guaranteed. He eventually took the bus home at 1:30am and went to bed sad. I was sad. The weekend was to be so fun and so important. A significant amount of quality time with family and friends. After talking about it with Crow and Noles the following day, I eventually caved at their insistence that money should be no object in this scenario. I got on the horn with nwa.com, clicked here and there, and soon Tyson was on a 10:30am flight bound for Mpls arriving at 3:30pm.

Meanwhile, I played around in paradise on Big Island with my family. I spent the day with my parents, brothers and bro's girlfriend, nephew, and Grandma.

The cabin was perfect. Rustic, cute and had all the amenities that a cabin should have: fishing poles, water bikes, a box full of flip-flops, games, toys, a hammock, picnic tables and a fire pit. True relaxation was acheived. And connection: My mom and I took the water bikes out cruising along while we chatted. Then my grandma and I took them out and also had some solo time to just catch up.

I played with Matthew. We sat as a family eating and tipping back a few beers. No TV time. No one else to entertain. It was so absolutely perfect. I've decided cabins are the catalyst for this type of bonding and connection for families and friends. Buy the cabin, mom and dad!

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