Monday, June 30, 2008


Summer arrived in Seattle this weekend. Both days. Eighties and hot and so, so, great. And after camping/hiking and hosting guests the last few weekends, it was nice to just do whatever I wanted. I did a lot of whatever I wanted.

Brunch at Coastal Kitchen. Highlighted city: Rome.

Tiramisu French Toast. Let me just post the description directly from the menu. Heavenly.
Tiramisu French Toast

Italian bread soaked in coffee cocoa custard topped with Marsala orange zest mascarpone and served with an espresso chocolate sauce.

Alki Beach.

Running and smoothie at Greenlake.
Dinner take-out from Malena's. Eaten seated on a bench at the Queen Anne lookout, with a crisp view of Mt. Rainier.

Milkshake. Movie. Sleep.

Sunday. Running. Laundry. Banana Bread.

Pool party at Lisa's.

Good stuff.

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bess said...

This sounds like, perhaps, the best weekend ever. Malena's at Kerry Park? Really? Can you send me some? ;)