Wednesday, June 18, 2008

camping on the other side.

Friday night, Tyson and I skipped town to go camping in Eastern Washington. I've been to Steven's Pass many times for snowboarding, but I had never actually crossed over the pass and entered into the blue skies and typically warmer tempuratures of the East side.

I'm continually impressed with my car. Packed with all our camping gear and two bikes, the teeny MINI totally rocked it.

The lovely comforts of car camping. Coffee + Pancakes.

First day: 11 mile hike - 5.5 in and 5.5 out, covering an elevation of 4500 ft each way. Intense! But totally fun and worth it.

A forest fire occurred in the area seven years ago revealing still burnt trees juxtaposed with new growth.

Our lunch stopping spot. So great.
Mountains. Knees. Cracker.

Snow near the top of the hike. Tyson made a snowman.

Day two:Biking Icicle Creek Road. A mostly uphill climb one direction. A fantastic fly down the other. All while mountains, a raging river, and blue skies wrapped around us.

Celebration in the form of sausage, sauerkraut, mustard and beer in Leavenworth. The kitschiest Bavarian town of all time.

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