Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Green drinks!

My creative director at work forwarded an email a few weeks ago containing an event. Many people in Seattle have heard of or participated in Seattle Greendrinks; I, however, had not. Seattle Greendrinks is a completely volunteer-run non-profit organization. The organization exists as a platform for connecting Seattle's environmental community. The goal of the group is pretty simple: good times shared among people working in, or interested in, environmental and sustainability issues. This was their 5 year Seattle anniversary. $10/ticket + you have to bring your own glass/cup/nalgene/jar to cut down on unnecessary waste. Sign me up!

They encourage people to walk, bike or take public transportation to this event. On Monday Tyson purchased his road bike! We headed out for his maiden ride with our drink glasses in tow. The ride was crazy! Its exhilarating to ride alongside traffic and weave in and out of cars. Eventually we hit Alaskan Way, a more open road that looks out onto Puget Sound, and sped along our final leg to the event.

A - she works for the Cascadia Green Building Council - was also in attendance. She's a gal with the greatest laugh and so much positive energy. We sampled the delicious organic food, produce from local farms, local wines, Sierra Nevada beer, and perused cool vendors including Alchemy Goods, who use recycled bike tires to make sweet creations.

After several beers and even some dancing, Tyson and I headed home. We were able to watch the sun setting over the Sound and fly through the open, evening streets. Being on my bike was so powerful. I felt like we owned the city! At one point we stopped off at Shorty's to play a few quick games of pinball. Then we flew down the last hill until climbing the long, slow (multiple hills) incline to Capitol Hill. So much fun. A great event. And a great ride.

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