Sunday, June 29, 2008

Empty Nest.

So when my friends called to say they were not showing up on Thursday, possibly Friday..but in fact were just an hour outside the city on WEDNESDAY evening, I panicked a little. Not lacking excitement, but rather I couldn't stop thinking of all of things that weren't yet done in preparation for their arrival: washing the towels and rugs, scrubbing the tub, putting my clothes away and stocking my fridge with frosty beers.

And when I think back to having them here even now I get a little wet in the ole ducts. From the moment they crossed the threshold of my condo energy was crazy, jokes were a-plenty and I thrived in the constant flurry of action. Until the afternoon when all their gear was packed, our muscles were officially sore and it was time to say goodbye. When my door closed behind me, the emptiness of my apartment was startlingly sad. I felt as though my kids had just left and all gone off to college. No more wax donuts, stupid jokes and constant banter. Quiet. A sad quiet though. Like all the fun has rolled in and stirred up and is now passed quiet. But it was so fun when it was here. I miss them even now. I laughed so hard last weekend. Being around friends I've known for years is such a comfort. A true relaxation and yet craziness. Doreen and I met in such unusual circumstances and even with only limited communication in her move to NYC and my life in Seattle, we will always be friends. And until the next time she rolls into town, I'll still think of their visit and laugh. Big, authentic laughs.

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Doreen H said...

tote perf. i love this post and i love you!! thank you for letting us crash and treating us to an amazing weekend full of stories, laughter and sausage like objects. it has been the highlight of our adventure so far and we truly consider seattle our new home away from home. ps...where in the world is your busch now? making its way to LA LA land before checking the borders along the south. make new friends but keep the old....

love always...the D O Double G. woof woof.

ps - my little sidekick parted ways today but sends her love.