Monday, June 9, 2008

Sonoma, CA to Seattle, WA via Hwy 101

With all of Tyson's belongings, we headed north for WA around 4pm Monday evening, Memorial day. We drove through Santa Rosa and up to the National Redwood Forest passing trees so beautiful and old. Insert sign for THE 'Drive Thru' tree. Pull over! We were tourist trapped. For a crisp $5 we were allowed to enter and drive through a giant hole in a giant Redwood tree. Hilarious. Until thirty or so minutes later when we saw another drive thru tree.

That night we camped near the beach. Our trip was planned. Loosely. And I was pleasantly content with the way Tyson and I tackled our coastal adventure. There were several things we definitely wanted to see and do, but overall decisions were made whimsically and without a lot of careful consideration. This made for a truly relaxing vacation and some surprising discoveries - one of which was finding our beachy campsite. Seeing signs for campgrounds we eventually pulled off and drove 6 miles through dense forestry and down a narrow, windy gravel road. Popping out the other side we could hear the water in the distance. We arrived well after dark and scrambled to set up the tent and brush our teeth. One celebratory beer in the tent before heading to sleep. Daylight revealed a beautiful surprise.

The next morning Tyson and I played on the beach for a bit and then headed North crossing the border into Oregon. It was sunny and beautiful as we carved 101 looking out at the ocean.

First stop: Gold Beach. The tide was out and we were able to see so many sea creatures. Barnacles, starfish, and hundreds of green, spongy tubes...umm, I don't know what they're called.

We grabbed lunch and found another beach to spread a blanket on and relax for an hour or so in the sun. Looking out at the water I felt so lucky to be on this trip. To be spending the time with a great person. I felt a renewed sense of how many incredible things there are to do and see in this world.

Continuing up 101 we started seeing gold off in the distance. I'd heard about the sand dunes in Oregon and they were given nothing but rave reviews.

We weren't sure where to stop and after some help from a gas station attendant - apparently you can't pump your own gas in Oregon - Tyson and I pulled off to play in the dunes near Florence, OR. Being that it was Tuesday, we were the only ones out there. This was my favorite part of the trip. For me, I think it was as close as it gets to feeling like being a kid again. We ran. We ran as fast as we could and jumped off ledges. We ran because you almost couldn't help yourself. Yeah, and see the attached video for more running.

We camped again that night, this time making a fire and roasting some good ole hot dogs on sticks.

Then it was off to Portland for some lunch and beer with Beth Becker at the BridgePort Brewery. Short and sweet, and we were in the car for our final leg. The three hour drive to Seattle. Tyson to WA. Exciting! After one of the best trips I've ever taken, I considered it to be the perfect start to our summer together in Seattle.

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hales02 said...

what a FANTASTIC life moment. sweet in every way. olives, h