Tuesday, June 24, 2008

sponsored by the Apple iphone, sausage and REI : Day 1

{yes I realize this is not an iphone. however, MOST times the iphone was used for music. and for navigation. and for internet. and for communication. for life.}

My dear friend, Doreen, and her friend, and now my friend, Tara, quit their jobs in NYC and decided to road trip the country this summer. Smart girls. After crossing the northern states, including some cultural events in a small town bar in Wyoming, they finally landed in the Pacific Northwest late Wednesday night. We spent some time in the city. Doreen's boyfriend Brandon flew in from San Francisco. And then we headed out of town for the weekend looking for adventure. Our goal: hike in and camp at beautiful alpine Lake Colchuck, climb Aasgard Pass and view the Enchantment lakes, then hike out. Simple, right?

We car camped one night, then we drove to Stuart Lake trail head the next morning and started our journey.

The hike to Lake Colchuck was harder than I had anticipated. We told stories. We sang "Make new friends, but keeeep the oooold,.." in round form. We ate sausage...and it wouldn't be the last time this trip. Finally arriving at the lake, a photoshoot ensued. It really was stunning. Off in the distance we could see Aasgard pass and I think we were all nervous.
Aasgard is the pass on the left. The Colchuck glacier is on the right.

Our campsite was perfect. Right next to the lake. Plenty of snowballs and pine cones to toss underhand and hit with sticks. A girls vs. guys fire-creating contest - neither party was successful although it wasn't for a lack of trying...literally at least an hour if not more. All experienced with the soundtrack of laughter and music from our beautiful iphone plugged in to a nearly unnoticeable, tiny speaker.

Dinner. Sausage. In jambalaya. Sleep.

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