Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sonoma: wedding and wine.

I was all packed. The plan was to wake at 4:30am, shower (this step could not be skipped as I hadn't showered in three days) and prep for the much anticipated meeting-of-the-family. Except that when Bess called at 6am to let me know she had arrived and was outside to take me to the airport, SHE actually woke me up and not my 4:30am alarm. Crap! Panic. Tears. Shower. Out the door and eventually made myself look presentable in the airport bathroom. Not bad.

I was picked up by Tyson and his bro, Toby, and whisked off to the beautiful wine country of Sonoma and to an adorable rented cottage. Tyson's oldest brother Tim was married at 4pm. The wedding was so great. Tim wore a hemp suit. The ceremony was centered around nature, peace and love. And there was enough fantastic Sonoma wine to last the whole night. Good times and lots of laughter as all five siblings were together for the first time in three years. They picked up like they'd just seen each other last week and I enjoyed watching Tyson with his truly great family.

Groom: Tim


Tyson's hilarious uncle, Brad

Tom and Meg

Men and cigars


Congrats Anne and Tim!


On Sunday the whole family headed out to partake in wine tasting. Thirteen of us piled into three cars and headed first to Gundlach Bundschu, - the oldest winery in Sonoma - then to Buena Vista. A bottle of Cuvée and a bottle Pinot Noir later, we were happy campers.

Meg and Tyson's sister, Tracey. Tyson and his Mom, Kathy.'d think they were being chased!

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janna said...

so fun! You look gorgeous! :)