Tuesday, February 9, 2010

En Zed lately.

So I'm officially into a routine. Or about as routine as its going to get when you're living in a house mixed with randoms and working retail. Last weekend was my weekend off and therefore I spent Saturday doing all sorts of things that rule. Tyson and I spent the morning together cooking and mixing up some cookie dough to freeze for cookies at our disposal. Then he headed out into the world of work and I had an agenda-free afternoon and evening. I decided to take a walk into town and visit the beach I see people en route to all day long from the windows of my store. Their towels tucked under their arms and plastic bags full of beer as little puckles of them walk past the shop in droves. Puckles. puckle: This is a word my mother uses to describe a small grouping of things. It is only in the last six months or so of my life that I have learned this is a made up word. There, now its out and into the world. Maybe it'll catch on.

Here is my store. Its right on the corner and as it wraps around the other side of the building, all of the windows face out to the lake and the mountains.

And here are the heaps of people enjoying the sunshine.

I sunned myself for a while. Walked around. Read my book for a few hours. Had a beer at a small cafe. And then went on an hour long run. Not a bad Saturday!

Tyson's sister and her hubby arrived on Sunday and its been great showing them around. They are off checking out Milford Sound at the moment and we are eagerly awaiting their full report. I definitely want ot make it there at some point during this experience.

Ok, off to the shop!

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bess said...

I walked by your condo on the way to the library and was sad, I miss you! I am so glad you are making the most of your adventure. You rock. Love you.