Friday, February 12, 2010

Chronicles of the shop #003.

Thought I'd post some of my favorite pieces from the shop. I find that working for CR has made my tastes evolve slightly. I still love vintage, bright colors, and unique pieces and fabrics, but I'm starting to gravitate to the European looks in our most recent catalog. Its been fun to feel like I'm building a more classic base. My favorite is the image below - a sweater dress over the top of jodhpurs leggings and thigh-high boots paired with a cable tube scarf and wool coat. Fab.

Everyone here wears tights, tights, tights! In the states I probably would've felt self conscious and like my arse was on display, but here I've somehow managed to rock it. And lately, I've been thinking and missing my mother. So many young women come into the shop, but there are also a fair amount of older, more "mature" gals who pop in and I'm always surprised at the risks they take. I feel like so much of the style here in New Zealand would suit my mom and her figure, and I wish we could spend a day shopping for her and then grab a coffee and catch up. I miss you, mama!

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