Thursday, February 11, 2010


I've been given so much advice since arriving in New Zealand. I've been collecting advice for the past year or so and for a long time I've dreamt of creating a small book containing these great words of wisdom so that in a pinch, I could reference said book and feel like a million dollars almost instantly. I know books like this already exist, and are probably sold at Barnes and Noble for $19.95. But I guess these are quotes that are dear to me personally vs some random smattering. So maybe I should charge everyone who reads this, and hopefully become rich AND full of wisdom. I'm totally kidding.


If nothing changes, then nothing will change. -My 22-year-old store manager at CR, New Zealand.

"Be mindful. Live simply. And open your heart." -Angie Morgan.

"Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible--the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nuturing family." -Um, I can't remember.

"The things you focus on are all that you will see." -Someone awesome.

Doreen - talking about her decision to quit her job and road trip last summer. Could I receive a more dear quote? I don't think so. "I know it's easier said than done but maybe the trip isn't about figuring out your life but embracing it. When I did the road trip, people kept asking me if I was soul searching. On some level, I suppose I was ... but not so much figuring out what or who I wanted to be but, reminding myself of who I am and making peace with that. I needed to find the person I already was. So maybe NZ can be more about the moment and letting Andrea be Andrea. Make sense? Sometimes I wish we could see ourselves the way others do. And we all adore Andrea and secretly wish we had half of the magic that seems to surround Her. That magnetic quality."

"Believe the best in people." -Found on the inside of a Dove chocolate square.

"It doesn't mater what you want. It only matters how you have lived. I guess the lesson is that we should all live our lives the best way that we can, try to put good into the world with our thoughts and deeds and try to be remembered as Mr. Jim Ryan was. I'll tell you what, though...I bet it's a damn fun wake/funeral. Those Irish know how to party!" -Kesney.

I just want you to be OK - to take your time - and to know that nothing is ever "certain" in life - because change/trajedy/life happens - all while we are trying to make plans!!! -Grandma P.


kristi said...

I will gladly make a little contribution to have read the advice. Such great tidbits to keep in mind. I agree with the magnetic quality!

Anonymous said...

I like your g'ma's the best at this particular point in life... sounds like you two really found a great adventure, thanks for sharing!