Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chronicles of the shop #001.

Today I helped a pair of the dearest sisters. Definitely both well within their seventh decade, they arrived put together and finished with a glaze of bright red lipstick. I didn't know they were sisters right off the bat. They were chattering and chuckling. And when I asked if they needed any help, Juliene piped up that she'd "very much like a hat just as the one her sister is wearing." "She bought it at Country Road several years ago." These were English gals and they were sweet as pie. Eventually, when they were both trying on the hats, I offered up to Juliene how fun it must be to have a sister. Her response, "Yeees. They're quite useful." Useful. What an interesting and yet adorable response. I explained that not everyone has such splendid relationships with their sisters to which her response was, "Well, these things come and go. We have not always been this way. But eventually, we get to a place where we realize that friends and family are more important than so many things we needn't worry about." Just then her darling sister appeared wearing a white cardigan she'd just plucked from the shelf and tried on. Contemplation. I told her she looked smashing. She explained that she needed to look smart and not stodgy for bowling. Lawn bowling that is.



kristi said...

Ahhh - what a great story. I love your job already.

Stephen Drzewicki said...

Were they vampires? From the Bible? Immortals!? I have never seen a seven hundred year old person, let alone two! Your trip sounds awesome Andrea.

andrea said...

Yes, and their skin was amazing for 700. I should've asked them what products they use. I fixed it, Steve! Thanks for the heads up.